Apple cider vinegar for diaper rash


Hello guys, my name is Melissa “a first time mom”, I have a 6 month old daughter who is suffering from diaper rash, my mom told me that it because we gave her yogurt too early, and my question is can I use apple cider vinegar for diaper rash or should I try something else.

Apple cider vinegar for diaper rash

I have also tried apple cider vinegar when my son had diaper rash few months ago, and the only thing I’ll tell you is, it doesn’t work.

Apple cider vinegar is quite too strong to use on toddlers since it stings.

What did I use?

I used  after it was recommend to me by my doctor, it cured my son’s diaper rash within a week.

To be honest I didn’t buy this diaper rash cream just because my doctor told me too, but I bought it after reading customer reviews.

About 93% percent of women who have used this diaper rash cream were also recommending it, after reading those reviews I immediately made an order.

This diaper rash cream was specially made to cure candida diaper rash, Yeast infection diaper rash, fungal diaper rash or any type of diaper rash that may develop on your baby.

Where can you buy this diaper rash cream?

Well the only place I know of that has this cream is amazon and eBay, I don’t know of any offline store or pharmacy that is selling it.

I would advise you to buy it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper than other online stores plus they deliver faster than as well.

Things I’ve tried on my son’s diaper rash

  1. Dermoplast pain relieving spray
  2. Apple cider vinegar
  3. Antifungal creams
  4. Athletes foot cream
  5. Aquaphor

My son was crying whole day because of the pains, his diaper rash was pretty severe since he was even bleeding and the only thing that worked was Triple Paste Medicated Ointment.

After using it for only 6 days, my son’s diaper rash was gone even my doctor was amazed by the quick result it produced, I’m really thankful for this cream.

I would advise you to , to hear what other mothers have to say who have also used this cream on their babies for diaper rash.

You will be amazed by the reviews, about 93% percent of women are saying this worked.

If this has worked for 93% percent of women who have used it on their babies then for sure it will probably work for you too. But try it and see what happens.

But am honestly sure and positive that since this also worked on my son’s severe diaper rash after trying 5 different things that didn’t work, this will also work on your child.

There are a lot of diaper rash creams available on the market right now especially online, Triple Paste is only what I recommend because I also used it on my son.

I know a lot of expensive diaper rash creams that people are saying are the best, but I’m not going to recommend something that I have never used before.

I don’t believe in magic but I honestly think Triple Paste works like magic since it cured my son’s diaper rash within 6 days, this product is amazing it worth every penny even though it cheap.

Some women will tell you to try antifungal creams such as miconazole, clotrimazole or nystatin , please don’t waste your time on these product they don’t work.

A friend of mine that I work with tried using miconazole and it didn’t work, she told me that she saw a different on her baby’s diaper rash after she started using Triple Paste Medicated Ointment.

Question was: Apple cider vinegar for diaper rash. by Melissa from San Antonio, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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