Aquaphor for burns


Can I use Aquaphor for burns? I was burned by a stove on my left hand, I’m looking for something to use that will numb the pains and get my skin back to it original look. My wife has recommend aquaphor but I’m really not sure whether I should use it or not. Thanks for taking my question.

Aquaphor for burns

We went to a Beth Israel Medical Centre based in New York and we asked about 50 people who have used aquaphor on burns and 43 of them told us that it didn’t help and 7 people told us that it did make the burns heal faster.

Then we did an online survey and also asked people who have also used aquaphor on burns, we got about 120 people who participated on our survey.

About 110 people told us that aquaphor didn’t help and only about 10 people told us that it did help to make the burns heal faster.

The online survey and the offline survey we did at Beth Israel Medical Centre proved that aquaphor doesn’t really work when trying to use it on burns since about 97% percent of people who have tried it told us that it didn’t work.

Then what can you use on burns?

We asked the 43 people we met on the hospital about what did they use that worked and about 39 of them told us that they used B&W (Burn and Wound) Ointment and it did work.

After talking to those people on the hospital we did our own online research trying to find the best product to use on burns and B&W ointment is what most blogs and medical website recommend.

We went to amazon and checked the B&W ointment reviews, well the reviews was quite amazing since about 98% percent of people who have also used B&W ointment on burns were recommending it under the amazon customer reviews.

If the majority of people are saying B&W ointment is the only thing to use on burns then you should also give it a try and see if it works for you.

But I’m very positive that it will also work for you too since it has worked for a lot of people who used it on pretty severe burns.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other people are saying who have also used B&W ointment on burns, you’ll be very amazed by the reviews since most of the people who have used it are also recommending it as well.

We contacted one lady who have also used B&W ointment and asked her to tell us about the pros and coins of using this product on burns….

And this is what she had to say:

Well B&W ointment is definitely not perfect, in fact there is no perfect product, I really don’t have anything negative to say about this cream since it provided me with the relief I desperately needed. It not perfect but worth giving a try.

B&W ointment is the only thing that worked after trying dermoplast, solarcaine and aquaphor.

Benefit of using B&W ointment on burns:

  1. It works on burns caused by heat or chemicals
  2. It can be also used on sun burns
  3. It provides immediate relief
  4. Effective for treating all types of skin burns
  5. It decrease inflammation
  6. It will also help generate damaged skin tissue
  7. It doesn’t sting
  8. It takes the burn out of the burns
  9. It soothes the skin
  10. It doesn’t smell
  11. It not toxic
  12. It doesn’t contains any chemicals
  13. It can be used anytime of the day or night
  14. You only use it once
  15. Make sure to use it daily to get the best result
  16. It will also prevent the father infection that may delay your healing process

CLICK HERE TO BUY B&W (Burn and Wound) Ointment from amazon.

One thing I would like you to take from this post is, aquaphor is best for minor sunburns but when it comes to serious burns caused by chemicals or heat, aquaphor won’t be able to help you at all, make sure to use something that was designed for burns, GOOD LUCK.

Question was: can I use is aquaphor good for burns. by Mike Bashi from Houston, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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