Aquaphor for circumcision


Aquaphor for circumcision: Morning guys, this is Jason 15 years of age from San Angelo, I just got circumcised 2 hours ago and I’m looking for something to use on my penis stitches, so I was wondering if using Aquaphor was okay or should I just try something else. A friend of mine told me to try Neosporin.

Aquaphor for circumcision

Don’t use Neosporin on your penis stitches…..

To answer your question yes you can use Aquaphor on your penis after being circumcised ….. Aquaphor will numb temporary pains and make your healing process much smoother and a lot faster.

I’m a dad and also a doctor, Aquaphor is what I recommend to males after being circumcised and it is what I also used on my newborn sons after they got circumcised 2 years ago.

Aquaphor can be used by adults and also can be used by newborns, toddlers and infants.

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Benefit of using Aquaphor on your penis after being circumcised:

  1. It doesn’t sting
  2. It doesn’t smell
  3. It numbs the temporary pains
  4. It get rid of any skin irritation
  5. It get rid of any itching
  6. It stops the bleeding
  7. It protect your stitches from getting bacteria’s and germs that may delay your healing process
  8. It makes your penis heal faster
  9. It will sooth your penis with lanoline to get it back to its original look
  10. It soften your stitches using glycerin
  11. It prevent dryness with petroleum
  12. It will get rid on the after scars from the stiches
  13. It works it works it works.

You really won’t have a single regret from using Aquaphor on your penis since it has a lot of benefit your penis will benefit from.

How many times can I use Aquaphor on my penis stitches?

You can use it two times a day. It better I use it very morning and at night before going to bed.



As a parent what are the things I didn’t like from using Aquaphor on my two boys?

Well there’s no perfect product, I’m sure Aquaphor has its own downfalls, but I really don’t have anything negative to say about Aquaphor since it did exactly what I needed it to do.

It made my son’s heal faster and provided protection against bacteria’s.

One thing I would like you to takes from this post: if you want your penis to heal faster, you better use Aquaphor and use it two times a day.

I have prescribed Aquaphor on a lot of people after being circumcised and I have never received not even one complain which simple means this stuff does work.

Where can you buy Aquaphor?

Well, first of all you don’t need your doctor’s prescription to buy Aquaphor, it is an over the counter cream, you can get it from local stores near you or pharmacies near you.

But I recommend people to buy it online since it a lot cheaper.

It is available on online stores such as target, Walmart, eBay, Amazon and Walgreen. But I advise people to only buy it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper than these online stores and they deliver faster than any online store at the moment.

How much does Aquaphor cost?

The last time I bought this cream was 2 years ago after my two boys got circumcised, so I’m really not sure since amazon changes their prizes almost every day, you can CLICK HERE to check the current prize from amazon.

Good luck…….

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Caution: Please don’t use Neosporin on your penis stitches after being circumcised, it not recommended…..

Question was: Can i use Aquaphor for circumcision. by Jason Smith from San Angelo, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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