Aquaphor for dry eyelids


Can I use aquaphor for dry eyelids? I was on a website where they told me to go to my doctor or dermatologist to make sure there is no underlying problems, so I was wondering if I should use aquaphor on my dry eyelids or should I go and see my doctor?

Aquaphor for dry eyelids

You really don’t need to see your doctor just because your eyelids are dry, that is a minor problem it is not something that you should talk to your doctor about.

As a person who has dry eyelids myself, I would recommend aquaphor since it is what I’m currently using and it works like magic lol.

A friend of mine told me about aquaphor since she is also suffering from dry eyelids….

Using aquaphor on your dry eyelids is the best thing you can do for yourself, it has 41% percent petroleum and lanoline including glycerin to soothe and moisturize you eyelids within seconds.

There are a lot of benefit you can get from using aquaphor on your eyelashes, save your money and don’t call your doctor, just use aquaphor and you’ll be fine.

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You really don’t need real medication, aquaphor is the only thing you really need right now…..

Benefit of using aquaphor on your eyelids

  1. It prevent them from getting dry
  2. It soothes them and moisture them and the moisture will last you for hours if not a full day
  3. It moisturizes eyelids using glycerin
  4. It soothes eyelids using petroleum
  5. It soften eyelids using lanoline
  6. It doesn’t smell
  7. It get rid of the itching or irritations
  8. It has natural ingredients
  9. It not toxic, it doesn’t have any chemicals

There are a lot of dry eyelids home remedies you’ll see online, please take my advice and don’t try any, these home remedies are a waste of time, save your strength and use aquaphor.

I know a lot of website that will try to make you buy these fake eyelids treatments that doesn’t work, don’t try any…… just stick with aquaphor and you’’ll be fine.

How many times should you use aquaphor a day for dry eyelids?

Using it once a day should be enough, but if your eyelids are super dry then use aquaphor as many times as you need, just don’t use it more than 4 times a day….

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I have used aquaphor for a lot of different things, such as using it on my chapped lips, to grow my eye lashes, for skin rash such as eczema and on my dry feet, aquaphor is one of the best creams available on the market right now that can moisture and sooth your eyelids within seconds after applying it.

Aquaphor is cheap and it works….

I have told about 2 of my best friends to also use aquaphor on dry eyelids and both of them told me that it helped them a lot.

If this has worked for me and two of my best friends than for sure it will also work for you too.

Things I don’t like about aquaphor:

None, I don’t have anything negative thing to say about aquaphor since it does exactly what I need from it, it is one of my best favorite creams at the moment.

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