Aquaphor for dry facial skin


Hey to the aquaphor team, my question is can I use Aquaphor for dry facial skin? My skin is extremely dry and itchy. I was wondering if using aquaphor will help or should I just try something else.

Aquaphor for dry facial skin

Yes, there are a lot of benefit your skin will benefit from when using aquaphor.

Aquaphor has 41% percent petroleum, lanoline, glycerin, panthenol and bisabolol.

Benefit of using aquaphor on your facial skin:

  1. Aquaphor will delay the aging process of your skin
  2. It will also make you look younger
  3. It will prevent your skin from getting dry
  4. It will get rid of the old skin so you’ll have a healthy fresh softer skin
  5. It will get rid of any minor cuts
  6. It will numb any minor pains associated with minor cuts
  7. It will get rid of the sunburns
  8. It will moisturize your skin with lanoline to make you look younger
  9. It will prevent your skin from getting dry with the 41% petroleum that it has
  10. It will make your skin glow using glycerin
  11. It has panthenol to get rid of any skin irritation and itching
  12. Aquaphor has bisabolol to make the moisture last you for hours even on hot weathe
  13. It will get rid of any skin rash such as yeast infections
  14. It get rid of any severe skin rashes such as diaper rash since it can also be used on children
  15. It was approved as the cure to get rid of eczema
  16. It soothes your skin and make it smoother in hot and cold weather, your skin will be the same on winter and summer.


Make sure to use aquaphor every time at night before going to bed so it can moisturize your skin while you are asleep so you will wake up in the morning with a glowing skin

Make sure to also use it on your lips, it best for dry and chapped lips….

Do you have small eyelashes?

Then make sure to also apply aquaphor on your eyelashes, this cream can help in making the eyelashes a little bit longer.

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You’ll be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have used this cream are also recommending it as well.

People are recommending aquaphor for facial skin simple because it works….. You really won’t have a single regret from using this cream. IT WORTH EVERY PENNY.

How much does aquaphor cost?

The last time I bought this cream from amazon was 2 weeks ago, so I’m really not sure since amazon changes their prizes almost every day.


Is aquaphor over the counter?

Yes aquaphor is an over the counter healing ointment, you won’t need your doctor’s prescription to get this cream.

You can buy it from any local pharmacies near you, but getting this cream offline is very hard these days since it always out of stock from a lot of stores simple because people buy it every day.

To make things easier for yourself just buy it online, it available on eBay, Walmart, Walgreen, Boots, Target, Amazon and Alibaba.

But I would advise you to buy it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper and they deliver faster than any other online store.

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As a women and a mom who is also using aquaphor, the only thing I can promise you is, you really won’t have a single regret from using this cream since your skin will benefit a lot from it.

What are things I don’t like about aquaphor?

There is not even a single thing I don’t like about this cream, well it not perfect but for me it is kind of perfect since it does exactly what it promises on it description.

Question was: can i use Aquaphor for dry facial skin. by Jojo Jewell from Arlington, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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