Aquaphor for tattoos


Aquaphor for tattoos: I was wondering if using Aquaphor on tattoos was okay or not? I recently had a tattoo on my left hand and it huge, it painful and it burns, will Aquaphor help me or should I use something else?

Aquaphor for tattoos

Hi and thanks for asking us your questions, I’m a tattoo artist and Aquaphor is always what I recommend to people after having a tattoo simple because it soothes the skin prevent the bleeding and numbs the temporary pains.

I also have tattoos myself and Aquaphor is my go to cream after having a tattoo.

I only recommend Aquaphor simple because it doesn’t have scent or dryness, it has lanoline, glycerin and petroleum to make your skin soft again.

Aquaphor is not toxic, it doesn’t have any chemicals, it doesn’t even have benzocaine, and using Aquaphor on your tattoos is 100 percent safe.

It doesn’t sting and also doesn’t smell, it doesn’t have any unpleasant ingredients that can irritate your skin, if your tattoos are itchy then Aquaphor will get it of that itchy immediately after applying it on the area.

Aquaphor will get rid of any skin irritations that may develop after having a too……

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Benefit of using Aquaphor on your tattoos

  1. It will get rid of any bleeding
  2. It will stop any skin irritations and itching
  3. It will sooth your skin with lanoline
  4. It will soften your skin with glycerin
  5. It will prevent the dryness with petroleum
  6. It will make your healing process much faster and a lot smoother
  7. It contains vitamin B5 that makes your tattoo heal faster and prevent your tattoos from getting germs that may slow down your healing process.

  8. It doesn’t have ingredients such as baby oil, aloe Vera and peroxide.

Peroxide may change the appearance of your tattoos, well Aquaphor doesn’t have peroxide like the most creams people use on their tattoos which effect it appearance.

Products to not use on your tattoos:

Don’t use any product that contains, scents and peroxide on your tattoos, as long as you avoid those types of creams or sprays then you’ll be fine.



Aquaphor is very cheap, but I recommend people to buy it online from amazon since amazon is a lot cheaper plus they deliver faster than any other online store.

How many times can I use Aquaphor on my tattoos?

You can use it as many times as your need. Just don’t use it more than 4 times a day.

I advise you to use it two or three times a day to get the best result.

Can I buy Aquaphor on local stores near me?

Yes, you can buy Aquaphor over the counter, you won’t need your doctor’s prescription I order to buy this cream.

But buy it online because it a lot cheaper than buying it offline from stores or pharmacies.

As a tattoo artist and as a person who have also used Aquaphor on my tattoos, I highly recommend using Aquaphor on your tattoos as well, you won’t have a single regret from doing so…

I have told a lot of my customers to buy Aquaphor after having a too, and I haven’t received any complaints from any of them, they all have told me that it worked like magic and made their healing process faster.

If this cream has worked on all my customers then for sure it will also work for you too…… buy it today and see what happens….

By buying Aquaphor you really are doing yourself and your tattoos a huge favor….. Good luck.

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