Aquaphor or Vaseline for circumcision


Should I use Aquaphor or Vaseline for circumcision? Me and my husband are taking my new born for circumcision surgery tomorrow and I was wondering what to use after the surgery. Some mothers on online forums are recommending Vaseline and some are recommending Aquaphor…. I’m a little bit confused.

Aquaphor or Vaseline for circumcision

Hi, a postpartum doula here, I advise mothers to use Aquaphor and put a little bit of Vaseline on the diaper to keep things from sticking.

Advise: Make sure the poop don’t touch the penis.

If your baby poops often then make sure to replace the nappy immediately and use a new one, too much poop will touch the penis and cause itching and irritations.

Make sure to put some Vaseline on the diaper and use Aquaphor on the penis stitches….

I don’t recommend mothers to use Vaseline on the penis stitches simple because Vaseline wasn’t made to make the after surgery stitches heal faster.

Vaseline will definitely soothe the penis but Aquaphor is way better since it will make the healing process a lot faster and much smoother.

Can I use both Vaseline and Aquaphor after circumcision?

No. only put Vaseline on the diaper to keep things from sticking and use Aquaphor directly on the penis stitches.

I have told a lot of mothers to do what I’m telling you right now, I have never received any complaints, all women I have told do this have told me that it worked and helped a lot.

Reminder: Make sure there is no Poop on the penis to avoid irritations and itching.

How to clean the penis of my baby after being circumcised?

Make sure to the poop don’t get to the penis to avoid cleaning it….. as long as the poop don’t go to the penis you won’t have to clean it.

Circumcision stitches are very sore, don’t worry about cleaning the penis because you will put your baby in pains.

That why I told you to change your baby regularly to avoid the poop from touching the penis.


For how long should you use Aquaphor?

It recommend using it for the full week, but I advise women to use it for at least 2 weeks to be on a safe side.

Caution: Don’t use baby wipe

Baby wipes have a lot of different ingredients on them such as perfume.

Just avoid using baby wipes because they can cause skin irritations and itching, sometimes wipes can also cause a lot of burning.

What can you use to clean your baby down there?

It better to use gauze and warm water for at least 9 days….

I have received a lot of messages from moms telling me that the penis stuck on the diaper, that why you need to make sure to put Vaseline on the diaper to avoid such situations.

Please use Aquaphor for full 2 weeks……

Benefit of using Aquaphor

  1. It makes the healing process a lot faster
  2. It soothes the skin
  3. It get rid of the burning or itching
  4. It numbs minor temporary pains

There are a lot of home remedies you will find online especially on online forums, if you love your baby then do not use any of these home remedies because these sometimes can be very toxic on a fresh penis.

A penis is a very sensitive part of a male’s body, you need to respect that so please don’t use anything that wasn’t approved by the FDA on your child.

Don’t take advises from people you don’t even know on online forums……… Good luck.


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