Aquaphor vs vaseline for eyelashes


I was wondering if I should use Aquaphor or Vaseline for eye lashes…. Which one of the two will grow them faster? I’m Asian and my race wasn’t blessed with long eye lashes so I was wondering if using these will help grow them or it just a myth.

Aquaphor vs vaseline for eyelashes

It not a myth….. If you want to grow your eyelashes then you better use Aquaphor.

Please note: Aquaphor won’t just grow your eyelashes within 2 days, it takes time but it does work, and another thing you should know is that it doesn’t work for everybody….

I know a lot of women who have claimed that Aquaphor does grow eye lashes.

I made a little online survey last year and I asked 80 women who have tried both Vaseline and Aquaphor to grow their eyelashes.

60 out of 80 women said yes, after using Aquaphor their eye lashes seemed to grow.

20 out of 80 said they tried both but none worked for them.

All these women were different races, some black, Asian, Latino, white and Indian. Which means no matter what your race Asian or not Aquaphor does work but it takes time.

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Vaseline has 100% percent petroleum which can moisture and condition the eyelashes but it won’t make them grow.

Aquaphor has only 41% percent petroleum but we recommend Aquaphor simple because it has too may benefit than Vaseline.

Benefit of using Aquaphor on your eyelashes:

  1. Aquaphor has 41% percent petroleum to condition and make your eyelashes glow
  2. It have lanoline to soothe them and make them grow much faster
  3. It have glycerin to help your eye lashes grow quicker even on cold weather
  4. It have panthenol to make them longer
  5. It have Bisabolol to help lanoline make them glow for hours

When it comes to growing eye lashes I only recommend women to first try Aquaphor since it has worked for a lot of women who have tried it as well.

There are a lot of product available on the market right now that will promise to grow your eye lashes faster, well don’t try any none works.

You will also find a lot of home remedies on website that will promise to make your eye lashes longer, well I would advise you to not try any since my wife tried about 5 different home remedies which didn’t produce any result.

I’m only recommending using Aquaphor to grow your eye lashes since it also worked on my wife, I’m very positive that Aquaphor will work for you since it worked on my wife after trying a lot of different home remedies that didn’t work.

Please note: Vaseline won’t grow your eye lashes, the only thing Vaseline does is to condition them that all.


I also did another online survey this year where I asked women who have tried Vaseline if it did work or not.

I asked about 43 women:

The survey was quite shocking since 43 out of 43 women told us that Vaseline didn’t help them at all.

The two little surveys we did proved that Vaseline doesn’t work at all and Aquaphor does work for others…… juts give Aquaphor chance and see if it does work for you or not.

Question was: Aquaphor vs vaseline for eyelashes. by Latoya Chan from Hong Kong , Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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