Bengay cream for dogs


Bengay cream for dogs? I was wondering if it was okay to use it. I have 4 dogs and I take them for hunting once in a week, sometimes they get injured or suffer from pains, so I was wondering if this cream was safe and okay to use it on them for minor pains.

Bengay cream for dogs

Don’t ever use Bengay cream on dogs or any other pets, it is not recommend and it against the FDA’s terms, if you are looking for something to use on your dogs for temporary pains then I would only recommend PetAlive Comfypet pain Relief Spray.

Pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray is fast and very easy to use, this spray was approved by the FDA to be only used on dogs and cats, it provide pain relief within seconds, you can use it on your dog’s wounds, cuts, injuries and minor pains.

Don’t waste your time and money on bengay cream, it will make things worse, this cream will burn your dog wounds.

How much does this PetAlive Comfypet pain Relief Spray cost?

Well I’m not sure since amazon changes their prizes almost every day. But you can go to amazon and check the current prize yourself.

I have a dog at home as well and I have been using this PetAlive Comfypet for about 8 months and I have never had any problems, this spray doesn’t have any side effect and very easy to use.

You don’t even need to touch your dog’s wounds or cuts, the only thing you do is to spray this directly to the area where your dog is experiencing pains.

This spray will also protect your dog’s wounds from bacteria’s and germs. We all know that germs and bacterial can delay the healing process of the wounds and this spray will provide protection against those kind of obstacles.

A lot of people who have used this on their dogs or cats have said using this spray helped their pets to heal faster than they expected.

At first I thought this was expensive until I used it on my dogs, well PetAlive Comfypet is worth every penny, it does exactly what it promised on it description, it provide fast pain relief and also make wounds and injuries heal faster. I’m definitely going to buy this spray again once the 3 bottles I last bought are finished.

CLICK HERE to read what other people are saying about this spray.

To people looking for something to use on their dogs , I would only recommend PetAlive Comfypet because it works and it is the best on the market right now when it comes to immediate pain relief on dogs and cats.

Thanks to my work colleague who told me about this spray 8 months ago, I just love using it.

It is not recommended to use creams such as bengay on pets especially on cats and dogs.

A friend of mine have used Neosporin cream on his cats wounds, and the cat ended up licking it, well an hour later the cats started vomiting, when we took it the Vet she told us that the cats ate something.

After the Vet tested the cats, she told us that the cat ate some kind of poison and we immediately knew that it was because of the cream my friend used for the wounds.

Using creams such as bengay can be very bad and sometimes toxic for pets, you need to be very careful on what you use on your dogs or cats wounds.

Patalive is very safe, even if your dog or cats ends up licking the wounds nothing bad will happen since this spray is not toxic, it 100% percent safe plus it works.

One thing I would like you to take from this post, don’t ever use human medication on pets, according to the FDA human medication and pet medication are too different since both are made using different ingredients.

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