Best Baby Play Gym to Buy for Your Baby

Best Baby Play Gym


We hate exercising because we’ve never been told it was important when we were young.

Make your baby enjoy and love exercising or going to the gym by buying this baby Activity Gym.

This will keep your baby entertained, playing and exercising at the same time. There is so much gear and toys included in this activity gym that you baby can play with.

Benefit of buying this activity gym

  1. It will keep your baby entertain for hours since there is so much to do
  2. If your baby is giving you a hard time by crying all day then you better buy this because it has a lot of activities that your baby will definitely enjoy.
  3. (When I first laid my daughter on this activity gym, the first thing she did was to bet the owl, the bell on the owl kept her entertained for almost an hour.) Which gave me a lot of time to relax.

  4. What I mostly love about this activity gym is that it doesn’t have nonsense music and annoying sounds like the most baby gear.

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We bought a lot of toys for our first born, but what I have realized is that this activity gear is one of her favorites.

The only thing I can tell you about this activity gym is that, you won’t have a single regret from buying it since it has a lot of activities your baby will enjoy.

When I was suffering from postpartum depression this activity gym helped me a lot because when feeling lonely I would just put my baby on it and play with her to avoid feeling alone and depressed.

I have a wood floor and this playing mat seems very comfortable since my baby can stay on it for hours…..

Bonus: This activity gym comes with a very nice plastic zip up bag to put all the toys on it after the baby is done playing.

Another thing I liked after buying this play mat is that it was very easy to assemble, I didn’t need my husband to put it together for me.

This is definitely worth every penny, I’m 100% percent sure that your baby will love this playing mat.

There were a lot of cheap playing mat available when I was searching for a mat for my baby but I bought this one just because of the reviews, a lot of mothers were also recommending this one at amazon.

I’m very happy with this activity gym, it has made my life a bit easier since I don’t have to hold the baby all the time, I just put her on this activity mat and then do whatever need to be done around the house without worrying about her crying.

My baby usually ignores toys, I was very surprised by how she loved this playing mat, it just made my life a bit easier since she plays on it for hours till she falls asleep.

I’m a stay at home mom, I work from home and don’t have a nanny, what I do is I bath my baby, feed her and put her on this mat and then take my laptop and work….

I don’t need a nanny since this playing mat keeps my baby company for hours……

There is no perfect product, I’m sure this activity gear has its own downfalls, but for me this product wa

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kip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym.

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