Best diapers for babies


Hello postpartum team, my name is Melissa and I’m a first time mom, I’m looking for the Best diapers for babies, I really don’t know anything about babies please guys help me pick the best diapers for my baby girl.

Best diapers for babies

Hey Melissa am recent mom an like you I have also struggled trying to pick up the right diapers for my baby and also the diapers that are going to save me most money because diaper are very expensive these days.

Well I have tried Huggies Snug & Dry


Here what I like about them

  • They are a well know brand

Here what I didn’t like about them

  • Terrible I wouldn’t buy these diapers again, they didn’t do what they promised under it description.
  • Cheap quality
  • They are very thin
  • They are not worth buying
  • They are expensive for no reason
  • I felt like I was scammed after using these
  • They are definitely not worth the price
  • They soaked through my baby’s clothes
  • These diapers are definitely not absorbent the tabs are different shape and don’t hold as well and didn’t hold the odor when I used them on my baby I’m giving these diapers 1 out of 10, they are terrible
  • I’ll be honestly there is nothing I liked about these diapers, first of all they gave my baby diaper rash and secondly they leaked too much, I ended up changing my baby 6 times a day.
  • They were terrible for overnight, I woke up one day and the bed of my baby had poop all over.

On it description, they promised a 12 hour protection, but I was changing my baby almost every hour. These promised a lot but they didn’t deliver even a single promise, they are a worthless well-known brand.

Maybe it me, maybe it my baby. You can give them a try maybe they will work for you. But I’m not recommending these.


I also tried Pumpers Swaddlers newborn


Here what I liked about them

  • They are the most trusted brand all over the world
  • They are great for newborns
  • They are pretty and cute

Here what I didn’t like about them

  • Not great for older babies
  • The cottons comes out of diaper lining and creates mess
  • Too thin, don’t buy for older babies, you’ll be very disappointed, they are only good for newborns because they don’t poop or urinate too much
  • They were okay after my baby was born but after 3 months my baby started to poop a lot and these couldn’t hold for too long, I honestly thought these were fake after buying them online.


I tried Earth’s best Chlorine-Free Diaper

Earth’s best Chlorine-Free Diaper

Here what I like about them

  1. Night wetness control, these are best for overnight use, they don’t leak at all
  2. It doesn’t have the strong perfume like the most regular diapers, it best to use when your baby is suffering from diaper rash such as yeast infection, candida or eczema.
  3. It best for sensitive skin since it doesn’t have a strong perfume
  4. They are soft enough without being stiff
  5. These diapers bulk up when your baby has urinated, most regular diapers are difficult to tell when your baby is wet.
  6. These also provide long tabs that stretch and have adequate adhesive
  7. The elastic on the back is much improved then other regular diapers and the tabs are very strong.
  8. These diapers doesn’t have unnecessary chemicals that can cause diaper rash, you will need these diapers if your baby have sensitive skin

Here what I didn’t like about them

  1. You will need to change your baby regularly during the day because they leak when your baby is full and playing at the same time
  2. You shouldn’t leave them for too long during the day
  3. You will end up having a lot of laundry to wash if you leave these too long during the day because of the leaks
  4. If you don’t change your baby regularly during the day then you better not buy these because they leak, you will need to change your baby at least 3 to 4 times a day if your little one poop or urinate too often.


In the end I liked Earth’s best Chlorine-Free Diaper because:

There are absorbent and covers very well, after using these diapers for week I soon realized that they were my favorites, I’m definitely recommending these diapers.

You will never find perfect diapers, earth best chlorine-free diaper have it own downfalls but I’m definitely recommending them since the big brands such as Huggies and Pampers didn’t do what I was hoping for.

There are a lot of diapers available on the market right now that will promise you the heaven and the earths, but I’m going to advise you to buy earth best chlorine-free diaper since they did exactly what I was hoping for.

Every baby is different maybe your baby won’t like these diapers, maybe your baby will like Huggies or maybe Pampers but I would recommend buying earth best chlorine-free diaper first and see if they are working for you or not.

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Question was: ’m looking for the Best diapers for babies. by Melissa Harrison from Nashville, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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