Books for postpartum doulas


Hello postpartum period team my name is Tamara from Germany, I was wondering what are best books for postpartum doulas?

I’m planning on becoming a postpartum doula and I need the best book that will tell me everything I need to know about being a doula. Thanks for taking my question.

Books for postpartum doulas

As a postpartum doula myself the only book I would recommending you to read is The Doula Business Guide by Patty Brennan, it also helped me In a lot of ways, I just became a doula 5 months ago.

I think The Doula Business Guide is the best book for you or any women planning to become a doula, I’m recommending this book simple because I also bought it myself and it has everything you need to know about being a doula.

This book has 21 reviews and 21 “5 star ratings” on amazon which means it does provide women what exactly needed to know about becoming a postpartum doula. Please check product reviews from amazon and hear what other women have to say about this book.

As a doula who also bought this before I got stated I would really recommend any women planning to become a doula to buy this book first it has everything you will need.

This book is not just about being a doula but it also helps business wise, being a postpartum doula is being a business women who deal with new mothers which means you need a little bit of knowledge when it comes to business since you are going to be your own boss.

You can also check the screen shot I took from amazon under The Doula Business Guide customer reviews, if about 100% percent of people are recommending something that they have also tried them self’s then for sure that product will also work for you too.

postpartum doula book reviews

Well I know that if something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will also work for another person as well but I’m very positive that this book will help you know everything about being a postpartum doula since I also learned a lots from reading it.

Check one review from a women who have also used this book

Wow wow wow I was very impressed by all the information found in this book, it is exactly what women need to read before becoming a doula, I would advise women to don’t waste their money by attending doula training courses since this book will provide everything they need.

I have spent a lots of money paying for doula training courses and what I realized after reading this book is that it also had everything I learned before from these so called “Advanced Doulas Trainings“ and it explained everything the easy way, women will not have a problem understanding what is found in this book.

Question was: Books for postpartum doulas. by Tamara from Berlin, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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