Can i put aquaphor on my dog's nose


Hey dog owners, I was wondering if I Can put aquaphor on my dog's nose? His nose is very dry and I think he is also suffering from minor pains, should I use aquaphor or what do you guys recommend?

Can i put aquaphor on my dog's nose


According to the FDA aquaphor has never been tested on dogs, as far as I know aquaphor was only approved by the FDA to be used on humans not dogs…..

Since your dog’s nose is dry and also painful I would advise you to use what am currently using on my dogs for dry nose, it Burts Bee Paw and Nose Lotion and it works like magic, I’ve been using this for about 5 months and I don’t have a single regret… just give it a try.

I don’t know of any place that is selling this stuff though, so I would advise you to just get it from amazon since it where I bought it as well.. Good luck. Here is the link to this lotion :

Sylvester Scholes

I’ve never used aquaphor on my pets but I don’t think it would be toxic if you use it on your dog but I wouldn’t recommend that since aquaphor was approved to be used by humans only.

I agree with Brawadis, I think you should just get the Burts Bee Paw and Nose Lotion just to be on a safe side, I have never used aquaphor on my dog so I don’t think you should too, just get whatever was approved by the FDA to be safe on dogs.


I spoke to my wife last night, she is a vet and she told me that aquaphor can be very toxic when using on dogs, so I guess you need to find something else.

Chino the king

I tried aquaphor on my dog when he had dry nose and it didn’t work, so don’t waste your time on aquaphor because you will be very disappointed, I would never recommend anyone to use aquaphor on dogs especially on sensitive areas because when I used it on my dog it caused skin irritations.

What worked for my dog was Burts Bee Paw and Nose Lotion after it was recommended to me by a friend, this lotion really helped and it very cheap, it cheaper than aquaphor lol.

Just click here to read customer reviews from amazon just to hear what other dog owners are saying who have also used this lotion on their dogs, I think it better to just read customer reviews before buying anything online to avoid getting ripped off lol.

Burts Bee Paw and Nose Lotion

Burts Bee Paw and Nose Lotion



Aquaphor can be very useful for a lot of skin problems, I’ve used it on my daughter when she had diaper rash and it worked very well and also have used it on myself when I had eczema but when I used it on my dog it made his skin very itchy, so I don’t think using aquaphor on your dog‘s nose is safe, just avoid using any lotion and creams that were only approved for humans because they can cause a lot of problems when using on dogs.

There are a lot of cheap product that you can use on your dog’s nose just avoid using aquaphor..

Juniper Kane

Aquaphor is not dangerous when using on dogs, I’ve used it on my dog’s painful nose as well but it didn’t work though. I think you should take Brawadis advice and try the lotion that he has recommend, when my dog’s nose was painful what I used was CopperFixx Pain Relief Cream and it also helped but this cream is for pains not for dry nose so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Aquaphor is the best when it comes to dry skin and skin rash but only when used by humans, aquaphor doesn’t work when using on dogs I don’t know why but it just the way it is.

Duncan RCL

The only thing I recommend people to use on their dogs for dry nose is Burts Bee Paw and Nose Lotion since it is what am also using on my son’s dog, I really can’t recommend something that I have never used before so I wouldn’t recommend using aquaphor since I’ve never used it myself.

I have recommended Burts Bee Paw and Nose Lotion to a lot of people and I have never received a single complain which means it does work, there are a lot of product available on the market right now that you can use on your dog’s nose but am only going to recommend Burts Bee lotion since it what am also using on my son’s dog.


Don’t use aquaphor on your dog, try finding something else that was approved by the FDA to be safe for dogs…

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