Can I use cat shampoo on a dog


Hey guys, this is Pamela Cooper from Detroit, I have a cat and my boyfriend just moved in with me with his dog, my question is Can I use cat shampoo on a dogg? Or should I just buy a separate shampoo for the dog. Since we live together we thought of using the cat shampoo on the dog as well to save some money.

Can I use cat shampoo on a dog

It depends, some cat shampoos can be also used on dogs and some cat shampoos can’t be used on dogs.

Me and my wife also have two dogs and one cat at home, and we are using Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo since it can be used on both.

This shampoo was approved by the FDA to be used on dogs and cats only, it kills fleas and ticks.

I was using Caty shampoo for my cats and using Dermopt dog shampoo for my dogs, but my vet told me to use a single shampoo for both to save bucks.

Well I have been using Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo for a long time and it is the best shampoo on the market right now that I know of that can be used on both cats and dogs.

I don’t know what shampoo are you using on your cat that you want to use on your dog, but I would advise you to at least call the shampoo manufactures and ask them.

Some cat shampoos have a “do not use on dogs” on their descriptions, and some don’t, so read the shampoo description or just ask the vet.

But the easiest solution I have for you is by buying Adams shampoo since it was approved by the FDA to be used on both.

Where can you get Adams cleansing shampoo?

Well I don’t know of any store that sell this shampoo, I bought it from amazon, if you don’t mind buying online then I would advise you to make an order from amazon .

How much does Adams cleansing shampoo cost?

The last time I bought this was 3 weeks ago, Amazon changes it prices almost every second , you can go to amazon and check for your self though I’m really not sure.

Why buy Adams cleansing shampoo?

Because it is what I use on both my dogs and cats, I have never had a problem from using this shampoo. But what is mostly important is that it will kill ticks, fleas, lice and mites.

My dogs and cats can’t talk but I honestly think they love bathing using this shampoo. It not to strong or toxic. It just awesome.

Some cat shampoos are toxic on dogs, and some dog shampoos are also toxic to cats, but this shampoo can be used on both, how amazing is that????

Can you use this shampoo on cold or warm water?

Well it can be used on both, sometimes it can get 32 degrees on summer which means you cannot bath your dog or cat using hot water, well this shampoo is great for summer and winter.

It doesn’t matter if you use it on cold or hot water, it just works the same.

What I have realized is that having a healthy pet cost money and pet product are very expensive these days, so you really don’t need to use separate shampoos on your cats and dogs when there is a shampoo like Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo that can be used for both.

I’m sure you also have been on some other websites that told you that using cat shampoo on your dog was okay, well you really need to check who you listen to online especially on forums.

A lot of people who answer questions on online pet forums don’t have even pets of their own, so don’t just take an advice from a random person you don’t know from yahoo.

When I was doing my own little research about using cat shampoos when bathing dogs, there was a lady from yahoo that told me that using cat shampoo on a dog was very safe and harmless.

Well when I asked her if she had a dog or a cat of her own she told me that she has never had a pet before, lol that made me realized that this lady was talking about something she really didn’t know at all.

There are so many people like that on online forums who answers pet questions just for fun or to keep their accounts active….. As a pet owner you need to be very careful who you listen to online.

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