Can I use cat shampoo on my ferret


Hey guys, this is Deborah Hill from Georgia, I have 3 cats at home and I just adopted a ferret 2 days ago, my question is can I use cat shampoo on my ferret? I don’t know of any ferret shampoo so I was wondering if using a cat shampoo was safe or not.

Can I use cat shampoo on my ferret

Cat skin and ferret skin is almost the same, I don’t think using a cat shampoo on the ferret is harmful since cat shampoos are not toxic.

Cat shampoos are very mild. The shampoos that we use on our cats have something called aloe in them, and they don’t have chemicals.

The reason for cat shampoos to be mild is that about 99.9% percent of cats will normally clean them self’s and lick any residue or dirt.

Cat shampoos need to be safe enough to eat, I’m positively sure that cat shampoos are definitely safe for ferret as well.

A ferret is not that different from a cat, but there is a company called Marshal pet Products that makes pet shampoos and they made a shampoo last year that was only dedicated to washing ferret only.

This shampoo was very cheap the last time I checked, I don’t know about now, amazon changes thier prizes almost every day, the name of the shampoo is Marshal Ferret Aloe Vera Shampoo and the only store I know off that is selling it is Amazon.

The last time i checked about 99% percent of people who have used this shampoo on their ferret were satisfied under amazon reviews.

CLICK HERE to check the current reviews and hear what other ferret owners are saying who have used this on their ferrets

This shampoo is very gently it cleanses without irritating skin and keeps coat shiny and very soft, it is just excellent for use on ferret. It definitely what recommend even though using a cat shampoo is also fine.

6 Shampoos to avoid when bathing your ferret:

1. Do not use human body shampoos on a ferret

A lot of ferret owners always ask me if it okay to use human body shampoo on their ferret, well it not okay, you must not wash any pet using a human shampoo.

Pet shampoos and human shampoos are not created equal since pet skin and human skin are not the same. But some vet’s do allow people to wash their dogs using a human body wash. But never do that on a cat or on a ferret.

2. Do not use car washing shampoo

Some people will go as far as washing their pet using a car washing shampoo, well this is very dangerous, car shampoos have ingredients for paint protection or Greece removal and that can be very toxic when using on your pet.

3. Do not use dog shampoos when bathing a ferret

Some dog shampoos can be very toxic when using on ferret, dogs are very different from ferret, some people think that since a dog is also a pet using it shampoo on a ferret should be safe, well that not true.

About 70% percent dog shampoos can’t be even used on cat because of the chemicals on them.

4. Do not use dish washing soap

My wife used a dish washing soap last month to wash our cat when we ran out of the cat shampoo, well don’t ever do this.

If you run out of a pet shampoo then bath your pet using only water and wait until you get the shampoo that is appropriate.

5. Do not use hair shampoo

Well I also did this mistake of using my wife’s hair shampoo on my cats, don’t do this, hair shampoos were made for removing dandruff not ferret germs and bacteria’s.

Hair shampoos will never wash or remove ferret fleas and ticks.

6. And lastly don’t use baby shampoos

A lot of people think that using baby shampoos on ferret is okay, well it not, baby shampoos or any human shampoo will dry out the skin of a ferret that why it never recommended.

Baby shampoos are not strong, but that doesn’t mean using it on your ferret was also safe.

One thing I would like you to take from this article is, yes using cat shampoo on a ferret is safe but buying a ferret shampoo like Marshal Ferret Aloe Vera Shampoo is what I recommended.

Question was: Can I use cat shampoo on my ferret. by Deborah Hill from Georgia, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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