Can I use cat shampoo on my guinea pig


Hey to the team, this is Brandon Robinson from Tennessee, My son was obsessed with rabbits, so my wife just surprised him with a guinea pig last night, this is going to be our first time having a pet at our home, my question is can I use cat shampoo on my guinea pig because I have searched everywhere I can’t find a shampoo that is for only rabbit or guinea pig. But the only shampoo I could find was a dog and cat shampoo….

Can I use cat shampoo on my guinea pig

No you can’t use a cat or dog shampoo when giving your guinea pig a bath. It called cat shampoo not guinea pig shampoo for a reason.

Then what can you use to bath your guinea pig.

There is a shampoo called Beaphar Small Pet ferret and Rat Shampoo that was specially made for guinea pigs and rabbits. It is the only shampoo I would advise you to buy.

Why can’t we use cat or dog shampoos to wash our guinea pigs?

Dog and cat shampoos are very strong since they were made for killing fleas or ticks and can be very toxic when using on your guinea pig or rabbit.

Some cat shampoos cannot even be used on dogs, and using a cat shampoo on your guinea pig can be really harmful.

Where can you get Beaphar Small Pet shampoo?

Well the only store that I know of that has this shampoo is Amazon, if you don’t mind buying online then I would recommend you to make an order from amazon.

CLICK HERE To purchase this product from amazon.

How many times should we bath guinea pigs?

I would advise you to give your guinea pig a bath at least once a week, since this shampoo can keep it smelling fresh for only 6 days.

Do we really have to bath guinea pigs or rabbits?

Yes, some people believe that guinea pigs and rabbit s clean them self’s, well that is not true at all.

A guinea pig can smell very bad sometimes, that why it is recommended to at least give it a bath once a week and the only thing that will get rid of the smell will be using a shampoo.

When I was doing my little research about which shampoo to use on guinea pigs and rabbits, there was a guy on some pet forum who told me that guinea pigs and rabbits don’t need a bath since they clean them self’s.

Well when I asked him if he had a guinea pig or a rabbit, he said no, which meant he didn’t know what he was talking about.

As a guinea pig owner you need to be very careful who you listen to online, especially on online forums like yahoo. Sometimes people will give you bad advises just to keep their accounts active.

I also went to yahoo and asked people if it was okay to use cat shampoo to wash guinea pigs and almost 90% percent of the reply’s said yes.

Well what I find it very funny is that all those people didn’t have guinea pigs or rabbits, which made me asked myself if they were talking about something they knew or just guessing.

There are a lot of people on online forums who answer questions just for fun, so be very choosy who you listen to.

Take my advice don’t ever use a cat or dog shampoo to wash a guinea pig or a rabbit, you need to buy something that is dedicated to guinea pigs or rabbits such as Beaphar Small Pet .

I don’t have a guinea pig myself, but I asked someone who have two rabbits and one guinea pig about which shampoo was he using and he told me it was Beaphar Small Pet ferret and Rat Shampoo.

When I asked him about using a dog or cat shampoo on rabbits he told me that his vet told him to never do such a thing

I also talked to 4 people who have guinea pigs as their pet at home, am recommending Beaphar Small Pet just because it was something they were also using and recommending.

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