Can I use cat shampoo on my kitten


Hey guys, am Natasha Scholes from Texas, I just adopted a kitten since our cat passed away 3 day ago, my question is can I use cat shampoo on my kitten since there is a left over shampoo that we were using on the cat. I’m not sure if using a cat shampoo is safe or not.

Can I use cat shampoo on my kitten

Well yes, a kitten is still a cat, but I would recommend using a shampoo called Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo just because it not that strong since some cat shampoos can be very toxic when using on kittens.

You need to remember that cat shampoos were made to kill ticks, fleas, lice and mites. Which means these shampoos a very strong.

I don’t know what shampoo you want to use, I would advise you to at least ask a vet of just call the shampoo manufacture.

Some shampoos do have some type of an instruction on the description, so make sure you also read the shampoo description to be sure if it safe to be used on kittens as well.

But I honestly think most cat shampoos can be also used on kittens, but using Adams cleansing shampoo is a good idea.

Why I’m recommending Adams cleansing shampoo for your kitten?

Me and my wife sell kittens for living and our vet told us to only bath them using this shampoo, am recommending this shampoo just because it is also what we are using.

Things you need to avoid when giving your kitten a bath.

Don’t use a hair shampoo when bathing your kitten, don’t use human shampoo, don’t use a baby shampoo and also avoid using a dish soap when bathing your kitten or your cat.

Some people think that using baby shampoo on their cats is safe, well it not, just avoid using any shampoo that is not for cats.

Make sure you use a shampoo that was made for cat, some people even think using dog shampoo on their cats is also safe, well it not safe at all.

Since I don’t know what cat shampoo you are willing to use on your kitten, I would only advise you to use Adams cleansing shampoo just because it can be used on older cat and kitten as well.

This shampoo was approved by the FDA to be used on all types of cats, it doesn’t matter the age or gender. So just order it from amazon.

Make sure you also read customer reviews and hear what other cat owners have to say about it.

But for me Adams cleansing shampoo is the best shampoo since we have never had a problem from using it on both cats and kittens.

Should we really give our kitten a bath?

Well yes, almost 90% percent of cat hate taking a shower, most of the cat will run away when trying to bath them.

To avoid that from happening, we need to bath our kittens while they are still young to not get scared about taking a shower when they are much older.

Almost 99% percent of cat fight for their life’s when putting them on water, cat usually think we want to kill them when trying to give them a bath, that why it is very important to make it used to taking a bath while it still young so it won’t be a problem when it older.

Since I don’t know what shampoo you are using on your cat, just make sure you check the shampoo’s description to be sure if it can be used on kitten, but 99.9% percent of time it should be safe to use a cat shampoo on kittens.

One thing I would like you to take from this article is that, just because it a cat shampoo doesn’t mean it safe for kittens as well. That why I’m recommending you to try Adams cleansing shampoo since it for both.


There a lot of product for us adult that cannot be used by toddlers just because they are too strong for infants, which means a shampoo you are using on your cat might be harmful when using it on your kitten.

So what should you really do?

My only option since I don’t know about the shampoo you are using is to just call the shampoo manufacture or ask the vet or just buy Adams cleansing shampoo to save time and money.

How many times should you bath your kitten?

Bathing a kitten once a week is okay, you don’t have to give them a bath every day, if you are a clean freak then at least bath them two times a week.

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