Can I use cat shampoo on my rabbit


This is Blake Johnson from Oklahoma, Can I use cat shampoo on my rabbit? If no then what can I use? I bought this rabbit for my 8 year old daughter on her birthday last week. We don’t know anything regarding taking care of a rabbit but we do have a cat, so I was wondering if we can use the cat shampoo to give the rabbit a bath.

Can I use cat shampoo on my rabbit

Bathing a rabbit using cat shampoo

No you can’t use a cat shampoo to bath your rabbit, cat shampoos are very strong, cat shampoos were made to kill fleas and ticks, and using that on the rabbit can be very dangerous and toxic.

There are a lot of people on online pets forums who will tell you that using a cat shampoo to bath a rabbit is okay well it not, those people clearly don’t know what they are talking about.

Then what can you use when giving your rabbit a bath?

There is a shampoo that was specially made for rabbits and guinea pigs, it called Beaphar Small Pet ferret and Rat Shampoo but the only place I know that sell’s this shampoo is Amazon.

Should we bath a rabbit at all?

Well yes, there a lot of people especially online who will tell you to not bath a rabbit at all, these people will tell you that a rabbit will clean it self, well that is also not true.

A rabbit can smell pretty bad, and the only thing that can take away that smell is by giving it a bath, but make sure you don’t use a cat or a dog shampoo, it not recommend at all.

As a vet, I would only advise people who have rabbit or guinea pig to use Beaphar Small Pet Shampoo when giving them a bath.

Both skin of a guinea pig or a rabbit are very soft and can bruise easily and using a shampoo that was made for cat can be very toxic.

The Beaphar Small Pet Shampoo is a very gently shampoo with the fresh smell of chamomile, it can be used almost every day, but I would advise people to bath their rabbit at least once in 4 days.

It is very important for your rabbit to be clean and always smelling fresh especially if it going to live inside the house.

I’m recommending this shampoo just because it contains additional Aloe Vera for optimum skin health. This shampoo will wash away the rabbit bacteria’s and germs.

This shampoo smells pretty amazing, and it smell can last for a week, that why I would advise people to bath their rabbit once in 4 days to keep it smelling fresh.

There are a lot of shampoos for rabbit online, but this shampoo is what I only going to recommend.

It took us 3 days researching for the best shampoo to use on rabbits, and this shampoo is what we all voted for since it also had 92% percent 5 star ratings on amazon.

If about 92% percent of people who have used this shampoo on their rabbits are giving it 5 out of 5 then it definitely what you should also use.

I honestly don’t know anything regarding taking care of a rabbit myself, but our 3 day research proved that Beaphar Small Pet Shampoo is the best shampoo to use on rabbits or on guinea pigs.

I would also advise you TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS form amazon to hear what other people who have used this on their rabbits and guinea pigs have to say.

It is very important to check customer reviews before buying anything online.

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