Can I use dish soap to wash my car


This is Mike Jowel, I just bought a car but I don’t have a car shampoo, I haven’t bought it yet, my question is, can I use dish soap to wash my car? If no then what do you guys suggest me to use. Thanks for taking my question.

Can I use dish soap to wash my car

Washing a car using a dish soap is something that I do often when I run out of a regular car shampoo. I have a friend who owns two car washes and he told me that they also use dish liquid once they ran out of a car shampoo.

A dish soap will never harm your car paint, car paints are the strongest paints ever made. A dish liquid is the safest soap to use on a car if you don’t have a proper car shampoo.

But I would advise you to wash your car using a shampoo that was made for cars, car shampoos were designed to make your car shine and also make the paint brighter.

It is very important to buy a car shampoo even though using a dish soap is also okay.

Things to not use to wash your car

  1. Don’t ever use bleach to wash your car
  2. Don’t ever use hair shampoo to wash your car
  3. Don’t ever use any pet shampoos to wash your car
  4. Don’t ever use human body shampoo to wash your car

The only safest soap to wash your car if you don’t have car shampoo would be a dish liquid. But I would advise you to not use it regularly.

You may only use dish liquid if only you just ran out of a car shampoo, don’t make this a habit. It is very important to use a proper car shampoo when washing your car.

I have done my own little research 2 months back, I went to 23 different car washes around New York City and asked managers if using a dish soap to wash a car was okay or not.

20 of the managers told me that it was very safe since they also use it often.

3 of the managers told me No.

Then I asked all 3 managers about what was the reason.

All 3 of the managers told me that while washing a car using a dish soap won’t do any harm on the paint, dish soaps where made for washing dishes not washing cars.

These managers also told me that “you need to wash a car using a car washing shampoo to get the best result.”

What I would like you to take from this post is, it takes more than a dish washing soap to damage a car paint. But it very important to wash your car using a proper car washing liquid.

Some expect have said: washing a car using a dish washing soap will make the car look dimness, dusk or hazy but won’t damage the paint.

What car shampoo do I recommend car owners to buy?

The number one car washing shampoo that I use is Meguiars gold class, am simple going to recommend people to try this shampoo just because it is what I have been using for about 6 months and I don’t have a single regret from buying this shampoo.

This shampoo will also condition the paint of your car, your car paint will look brighter. What this shampoo also does is it clears debris to reveal the color and clarity.

Pleas CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other car owners who have used this on their cars have to say. It is very important TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS before buying anything online.

What I can promise you is that, you won’t have a single regret from using this shampoo, it worth every penny and it very cheap.

You’ll be amazed by the prize of this shampoo. You can go to amazon and check the prize yourself. Thank you very much for reading this post I hope it was helpful.

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