Can I use dish soap to wash my cat


Hey guys, am Shaun and I have a silly question, Can I use dish soap to wash my cat? Or just use my body wash shampoo. My dad told me to not give the cat a bath using a dish soap but I don’t think he knows anything about pet, so is it safe?

Can I use dish soap to wash my cat

Well first of all will you bath yourself using a dish soap? I guess not, then why would you use it on your cat? Your dad was right… don’t use it.

What about using a human shampoo?

Never wash a cat using a human shampoo, it will dry out the skin of your cat. Using a human shampoo on cat will cause the cat to have an itchy skin, all most all human shampoos cause skin irritation on cats.

Some people even think that using baby shampoo on a cat is safe, well it not safe at all.

Baby shampoos are very safe only on humans, they are very toxic when using on pets such as dogs and cats. So don’t use it.

I have also used my wife hair shampoo to wash my cat and immediately my cat started scratching itself because the skin was too dry and itchy. I’m telling you to not use a dish soap on your cat based on my experience.

Then what can you use to bath your cat?

Well I have been using Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo on my cats and kittens, it what works for me. It kills ticks, fleas, lice and mites.

This shampoo also provide protection against germs and bacteria’s, my cat seems to also love this shampoo, and it keeps him fresh all the time.

Me and my wife have been using this shampoo for quite some time, it works and it cheap….  Just amazing.

Well I bought this shampoo online after it was recommended to me by a vet.

I don’t know of any offline store that have this shampoo, the only place I know of that have this shampoo is eBay and Amazon, but I would advise you to buy it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper than other online stores.

One thing I would like you to take from this post, don’t use a dish washing soap on a dog or on a cat, it will cause your pet to have an itchy and dry skin. Just don’t do it.

Pet shampoos are very cheap these days, why would you want to bath your cat with a dish soap on the first place??? Mmmmm well am sure you’ve got your reasons but don’t do it.

As a cat owner myself, I would advise you to not use any human product on your cat, it may be soaps, shampoos, food or medicine, the FDA is against that.
According to the FDA human product and pet product are two different things.

A dish soap has ingredients that can be toxic on cats

Dish soaps are made of a lot of ingredients that can be harmful on cats, some dish soaps have chemicals and alcohol on them….

A dish soap will definitely kill the cat fleas, but it will dry out it skin and make it itchy.

There is nothing irritating as having an itchy skin, so don’t Do that on your cats.

If you don’t have cat shampoo then make sure you buy Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo because it can be also used on dogs, it not for only cats, the FDA have approved it to be used on cats and dogs.

If you also have dogs this shampoo will save you some bucks since you won’t have to buy a separate dog and cat shampoos, you can use this shampoo on both…..

Thank you very much for asking us, I hope I have answered you question, good luck…..

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