Can I use dish soap to wash my hands


Hey to the team, this is Spencer , from Chicago I was wondering if I can use a dish soap to wash my hands? My sister have told me to buy a hand washing shampoo, she said dish soaps can’t be used on hands. Is this true?....

Can I use dish soap to wash my hands

Well yes you can wash your hands using a washing liquid but don’t do it too often, it will dry out your hands, it a good way to save some money but hand wash shampoos are very cheap these days.

I would recommend you to buy a hand washing soap and only use a dish washing soap if you ran out of the hand wash.

A dish washing soap will dry your hands and you will need to use some kind of a lotion after using a dish soap to avoid dryness.

Hands tend to be unconfutable when they are dry and a dish soap will make them even more dry, I’m sure you’ve got your owns reason to use a dish soap on your hands but I would advise you to use a proper hand wash such as Naiver Battery Powered Automatic wall-mounted Sensor Soap Pump -- Touchless Liquid Infrared Soap Dispenser.

Almost 90% percent of all people that I know does use a dish soap to wash their hands, it safe since dish liquids don’t have any antibiotics.

Why do I recommend buying a proper hand washing soap or shampoo?

Well because hand washing shampoos were made to kill germs and bacteria’s, which means they are better than dish liquids and will never dry out your hands.

Dish soaps are not toxic or harmful

Dish soaps won’t be toxic on your hands since they were made for washing dishes, and we wash our dishes using our hands, so it won’t be a problem except making your hands dry. 

Not all dish soaps are mild

Some dish soaps can be toxic on hands, that why some other dish soaps have to be used wearing cloves in order to protect your hands or skin.

You need to read it description just to be on a safe side…

I would advise you to use body wash soap over dish soaps.

If you don’t have money to buy a hand wash, then use a body wash soap instead of using a dish soap, dish soaps are not harmful but they are called dish soaps not hand wash for a reason.

My dad have told me that hand washing soaps doesn’t wash out oil and grease for him that why he uses dish soaps when washing his hands.

If using a hand shampoo doesn’t cut grease for you as well, then use a dish soap but make sure to use a lotion after wards just to avoid having dry hands.

What is the cheapest hand wash on the market right now?

My wife bought Touchless Liquid Infrared Soap Dispenser . It is what we are using at the moment, I’m sure there are some other good hand washes out there but am only going to recommend this shampoo since it what am using right now.

There is nothing special about this hand washing shampoo, it just a shampoo, the only thing I like about it is the smell. It doesn’t make hands dry.

It best to use after using a bathroom, to kill those little unseen germs and bacteria’s. For me it excellent and also well-designed it just a decent hand wash.

How much does it cost?

I’m not sure because my wife bought this last month, amazon changes it prizes almost every day but it cheap. You can go to amazon and check it yourself.

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