Can I use hair shampoo to wash my dog


Hey guys, am john from Alabama my girlfriend recently bought a dog but we both don't know anything about taking care of any pet since this is our first pet. My question is can I use hair shampoo to wash my dog? If not then what can we use......

Can I use hair shampoo to wash my dog

No you cannot use hair shampoo to wash your dog, simple because hair shampoos were made to fight dandruff and will not remove dog fleas.

Most of hair shampoos we created to help reduce hair loss, fight dandruff and leaves the hair smelling fresh, but hair shampoos will never be able to remove dog fleas or kills ticks.

I wouldn’t advise people to use hair shampoos when washing their dogs or cats, human body shampoos or human hair shampoos can sometimes dry up the dog’s skin.

According to the FDA, people can’t use human product on their pets, the FDA has also said human product and pet product are very different and can’t be used vice versa.

Whether it a baby shampoo, or just any shampoo, I wouldn’t use it to wash my dog or cat if I were you.

Some people even use dish soap on cats and dogs, well this is also wrong, you need to buy a shampoo that was made for washing dogs in order to kill dog fleas, ticks, germs and bacteria’s.

Using a hair shampoo won’t kill your dog or make it paralyzed but it will dry up the dog's skin.

let me ask you this:

Will you ever use your dog shampoo to wash yourself? i don’t think you would..... That why you must not use your hair shampoo to wash your dog as well.

Dog shampoos are very cheap, you can get very good dog shampoo for less than $10 dollars that can kills ticks, fleas, lice and mites.

What is the best dog shampoo?

Well i think Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo is the best since me and my wife also use it to wash our cat and dogs, this shampoo was made for cats and dogs.... and it is very good.

What I mostly love about this shampoo is that if you have a cat as well, you won’t need to buy another shampoo for the cat since this shampoo can be used on both cats and dogs.

Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo is my personal favorites, well my wife doesn’t like it though.

My wife prefer using Natural chemistry de flea concentrate flea and tick shampoo, maybe you also won’t like my personal favorites that why I would also advise you to check out the one that my wife's like to use.

Please make sure you go to amazon TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS on both these shampoos, it is very important to hear what other people are saying about a product before you buy it.

I honestly don’t know of any offline shop that sells these shampoos since I also buy them from amazon, if you don’t have a problem about buying online then make sure you check both these shampoos at amazon.

But you don’t need to buy those shampoos just because i also used them, you can buy whatever shampoo you like but make sure it for dogs.

The only thing I’m against is using a body or hair shampoo on pets, it is very wrong and the FDA is against it.

When you are looking for a hair shampoo for yourself, I’m sure you always want something that will kill dandruff and leave your hair smell fresh, that why you need to also look for the best dog shampoo that will kill fleas and ticks......

I still don’t understand people who uses their hair shampoos on their cats and dogs because it doesn’t do any good. A shampoo for dandruff will never kill fleas.

A lot of people on online forums have said using a hair shampoo to bath dogs or cats is okay, well it not.

Many people who answer questions on online pet’s forums sometimes answer questions just for fun, I wouldn’t take those answers seriously since most of those people don’t even have pets of their own.

There is a pets forum that my brother joined last year, and he gives advises to pet owners regarding cats and dogs, but what I find strange is that my brother has never had a pet before. Which means all of the advices he gives to people are kind of bull shit.

As a pet owner you need to be very careful who you listen to online especially when it comes to pet’s medication.

Last month I almost killed my cat when I used Neosporin on it wounds, guess where I got that advice from??? On an online forum..... So be careful.

Question was: Can I use hair shampoo to wash my dog. by john from Alabama, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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