Can i use neosporin on my dog


Hey dog owners, my name is Jeff, Can I use Neosporin on my dog? I want to use it on his minor wounds, he got injured pretty bad last night.

Can i use neosporin on my dog

Question was Answered by: Gaelan

No No No No, Neosporin cannot be used on dogs, it was approved by the FDA to be only used by humans not pets.

Human medication and pet medication are too different since they were made with different ingredients.

I also tried Neosporin on my dog’s wounds and it caused swelling and skin rash, so please don’t use Neosporin on your dog because you will be very disappointed.

What do I recommend for dog wounds and pains?

The only thing I would advise you to use is Pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray since it is what worked for me when I used it on my dog’s wounds.

I know a lot of website that will tell you that using Neosporin on your dog is safe and beneficiary, well believe me it not. Those website clearly don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

You need to be very careful who you listen to online especially on online forums, I know a lot of people who answer questions on online forums like yahoo and quora just for fun or to keep their accounts active.

There is a guy on Yahoo forum who told me that using Neosporin on my cat wounds was safe, well I tried it and my cat ended up licking the wounds and after about 5 minutes or so my cat had a very bad stomach upset and started vomiting.

PetAlive Comfypet pain Relief Spray

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What are the benefit of using Pet alive on your dog?

  1. It provide immediate pain relief that last for hours
  2. It can be used on dogs and cats, you won’t have to buy a separate pain reliever for your cat since this can be used on both.
  3. It will protect your dog wounds from germs and bacteria’s that may delay the healing process.
  4. Your dog will heal much faster and a lot smoother
  5. This will stop any itching and skin irritations that may develop on your dog’s wounds or minor injuries.
  6. This can be used 4 times a day
  7. It is not expensive, almost anyone can afford buying this spray
  8. It is very easy to use, the only thing you do when using this spray is 1. You spray it directly on your dog’s mouth, 2. You are done.
  9. You won’t have to touch your dog’s wounds which can cause more pains, the only thing you do is just spray
  10. It can be used on dogs, cats, kittens, puppies and ferrets.
  11. It is the safest pain reliever for dogs and cats at the moment
  12. It doesn’t sting or burn
  13. It was approved by the FDA which means it safe
  14. It doesn’t have any side effect
  15. It can be used anytime of the day or night

Reminder: Neosporin is a pain medication that was only approved to be used on human skin problems such as burns, minor cuts and more but was never approved for pets, which means it can be very dangerous on your dog.

According to be FDA about 98% percent of Human medication can be very toxic when using on pets.

The only thing I’ll recommend you to use on your dog is Pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray since it is what I also used on my dog when he was injured and it worked like magic.

Where to buy Pet alive?

You can get it from a lot of online stores such as Target, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Boots, CVS and more. But I would advise you to only buy it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster.

PetAlive Comfypet pain Relief Spray

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I also tried Neosporin on my dog and it caused skin rash, I don’t know why people are keep saying that it is safe, please guys don’t ever use Neosporin on any pets, this stuff was only approved for human skin. It makes me angry that about 80% percent of website are saying it safe and it doesn’t have any side effect. Neosporin gave my dog a very nasty rash.


I was watching a YouTube video and the guy on the video also said that Neosporin it safe on any pets, to anyone reading this comment don’t ever use Neosporin on your cats or dogs, the FDA have said this 100 times…. Neosporin was only tested on humans.


I keep telling people to not use Neosporin on dogs or cats and they don’t listen, my friend used Neosporin on his cat injuries and the cat licked all of it from the wound, guess what happened??? The cat vomited a lot of yellowish bile and we ended up taking it to the vet. The vet told us to never use it again and he gave us a small spray called pet alive.


I sprayed this directly on my dog’s wounds


Hi , i have this product at home , i was using it for a stray cat that i couldn't take to the vet....but on the bottle it clearly says not to use it on broken skin or open wound like you did supposed to be used oraly only.


I have used this on my dog’s open wounds and it helped a lot. It better than using Neosporin which wasn’t even approved to be used on dogs in the first place.


My doctor told me to not use this stuff on open wounds…


I think your doctor was drunk, lol im joking.... this stuff was made for wounds, aches, pains and Relieves discomfort due to old age or injury, Relieves minor aches in muscles and joints, this is so safe you can even put it on your dog food to treat arthritis pains.

This spray cannot be used directly on wounds, you can spray it on your dog’s mouth or food.


If we can put it on the dog mouth why can’t we put it on the wound for fast relieve…..

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