Can i use neosporin pain relief on my dog


Hello dog owners, Can i use Neosporin pain relief on my dog? My dog got injured pretty bad on his head when he was fighting with our next door neighbor’s dog. These are serious wounds, I need something that will get rid of the pains.

Can i use neosporin pain relief on my dog

Question was Answered by: Aaliyah Summers

No don’t use Neosporin on your dog’s wounds, Neosporin was only tested and approved by the FDA to be only used on Humans not pets.

About 92% percent of the medication that is safe for humans can be very toxic when using it on dogs or cats. So take my advice and never ever use Neosporin on your dog’s injuries.

The only thing I would recommend you to use is Pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray since it is what worked on my dog when he got injured, this spray made my dog heal faster since it also provides protection against bacteria’s and germs that may delay the healing process.

Neosporin haven’t been tested on pets, so please don’t use it because it may cause a lot of side effect.

Benefit of using pet alive comfy pets on you dogs wounds or injuries:

  1. It will get rid of the pains within seconds
  2. It is very easy to use, you won’t even need to touch your dog’s wounds, the only thing you’ll need to do is 1. You open it, 2. You spray it directly on your dog's mouth and 3. You’re done.
  3. It can be used on dogs and cats, you won’t need to buy a separate relief for your dogs and cats since this can be used to both pets, this spray will save you some money since pet medication is very expensive these days.
  4. The relief will last for hours
  5. It doesn’t have any side effect
  6. It not toxic
  7. It will stop any skin irritations that may develop on your dog’s wounds
  8. It will prevent the wounds from getting bacteria’s and germ and make the healing process a lot faster
  9. It doesn’t have any artificial flavors or colors
  10. It is not expensive
  11. It can be used anytime of the day
  12. It can be used more than once a day
  13. You can use it as much as you need but don’t use it more than 4 times a day
  14. Temporary relief of aches
  15. Relieves minor pains and soreness
  16. Relieves discomfort due to old age or injury
  17. Relieves minor aches in muscles and joints
  18. It can be used on puppies and kittens as well

I’ve been using this spray on my dogs and cats for about a year and it haven’t gave me any problems, it works exactly as it says on it description, I highly recommend it.

Pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray

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This pain relieving spray can be used on small pets as well, it works for dogs and cats in all ages…

I have told a lot of people to buy this spray and I haven’t received not even a single complain, all the people I have told to use this have told me that it worked.

If this has worked on my pets I’m pretty sure it will also work on your pets as well. Just give it a try and see what happens.

Where can you get this spray?

You can get it from a lot of online stores such as Target, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Boots, CVS and more. But I would advise you to only buy it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster.

Pet alive comfy pet pain relief spray

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One thing I need you to take from this post is: Don’t ever use Neosporin on you dogs, it is not safe since the FDA it against it.

Question was: Can i use neosporin pain relief on my dog. by Kendall Briggs from Colorado, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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