Can I use polysporin on my cat


Hey guys, this is Jordan Walker from South Africa Cape Town, Can I use polysporin on my cat? If not then which pain relief should I use on my cats that can be also use on dogs? I have 2 cats and 2 dogs at home.

Can I use polysporin on my cat

Well you can’t use polysporin on your cat , you need to avoid using any polysporin or any related ointment’s such as using neosporin on cat's wounds, according to be FDA human medicine and pets medicine are not the same.

I always advise cat’s owners to buy PetAlive Comfypet pain Relief Spray for cat’s wounds, cuts and minor injuries, this is not only for cats but it can also be used on dogs as well.

PetAlive Comfypet was made for dogs and cats to provide fast relief, provide protection against bacteria’s and also make the cats or dogs wounds heal much more faster.

We all know that bacteria’s and germs will slow down the healing process on a dog or cat that why using PetAlive Comfypet is recommend.

Using polysporin on a cat wound can be very dangerous since a cat will normally lick it wounds, and And according to the FDA polysporin can be very poisonous on pets.

A lot of people online have said using polysporin on a cat is safe, well they are wrong.


I have used polysporin on my cat's head, and my cat ended up licking it, after 2 hours my cat started to make weird noises and vomiting.

I immediately took it to a nearest pet clinic and they told me that it was a stomach upset, the vet told me this stomach upset was caused by polysporin since my cat licked all of it from the wound.

Human medicine will be never safe to use on pets that why the FDA is against it.

Some people think using kid’s polysporin is safe, well it not, polysporin does make the cat wounds heal faster but what if the cat ends up lick it off? Don’t take that chance.

Using homemade medicine to treat cat’s wounds

When using home remedies to treat your cat’s wounds or pet in general you need to consult the veterinarian to make sure what you are using is safe.

Pet’s owners need to know that medication for humans maybe not be safe to use on pets.

If your vets does allow you to use neosporin or polysporin on your cat then make sure you don’t use it on an area that your cat may find easy to lick.

Pet alive comfy pet pain relief Is your only recommended safe option, , me and my wife have been using this spray on our dogs and cats for about two years and we have never had any problems with it, it will provide your cat with pain relieve on wounds, cuts, joints and muscle soreness.

This was recommend to me by a vet when my dog was injured, it best for cleaning wounds to make them heal quicker.

What this also does is it reduces discomfort due to old age or injury. This is just excellent for use on cats and dogs.

Polysporin and Savion are usually okay to use on cats but you need to be very careful when using it on your cat, cats are not responsible as humans that why my cat ended up having a stomach upset from licking polysporin from it wound.

You are responsible for your own pets, that why you must not use polysporin on the first place just to be on a safe side.

Please note that I’m not against using polysporin on your cat… It just my personal opinion as a cat owner who have used it before and got on trouble. My cat almost died from using this am advising you based on my personal experience.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS and hear what other cats owners are saying who are also using this spray on their cats.

According to “vedder mountain vet clinic”, polysporin can be very deadly in cats, you can read the full article from the link bellow

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