Can i use preparation h for diaper rash


Hello moms, my name is Hallie and im a first time mom, can I use preparation h for diaper rash? My daughter has a diaper rash called yeast infection and I would like to know if using preparation h will help get rid of the diaper rash or should I just use something else, what do you guys recommend?

Can i use preparation h for diaper rash

Question was Answered by: Karsyn Smith

Do don’t use preparation h on your daughters diaper rash because it doesn’t work, I’ve tried it when my son had eczema diaper rash and it was useless…

I used preparation h on my son’s diaper rash for about a week and I didn’t see any result, what worked for me was a diaper rash cream called triple paste.

You need to know that preparation h was only made and designed to shrink hemorrhoids, preparation h cannot cure skin infections or skin rashes such as diaper rash.

If you want something to cure your baby’s diaper rash then you are going to need a cream that was specially made for diaper rash such as the one that worked for my son.

There are a lot of diaper rash creams available on the market right now that will promise to cure your baby’s diaper rash within a week but I would only advise you to try triple paste diaper rash cream since it is the only ointment that worked on my son after trying a lot of home remedies that didn’t work.

Triple paste

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other mothers are saying who have also used triple paste on their babies for diaper rash, you will be very amazed by the reviews since a lot of mothers are recommending it as well.

Benefit of using triple paste for diaper rash

  1. It works guaranteed
  2. It doesn’t have any side effect
  3. It can be used on newborns, toddlers and infants
  4. It works for any skin types
  5. It can be used more than once a day
  6. It will sooth your bay’s skin and get it back to each original look
  7. It will get rid of the rash within a week or two
  8. It will protect your baby’s skin from bacteria’s and germs that may delay the healing process
  9. It will make the healing process a lot faster
  10. It doesn’t sting and it doesn’t burn
  11. It doesn’t smell bad like most diaper rash creams
  12. It will provide pain relief within seconds after applying it on your baby’s diaper rash
  13. The relief it provides will last for hours
  14. It won’t stick on your baby’s nappy

Triple paste can cure any type of diaper rash including the following:

  1. Psoriasis diaper rash
  2. Eczema diaper rash
  3. Yeast infection diaper rash
  4. Allergies diaper rash
  5. Contact diaper rash
  6. Diaper rash caused by acidic poop
  7. Yeast rash diaper rash
  8. Impetigo diaper rash
  9. Candida diaper rash

Where can you buy triple paste?

You can get it from a lot of online stores such as Target, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Boots, CVS and more. But I would advise you to only buy it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster.

What are the things I didn’t like about using triple paste?

There is no such thing as a perfect product, I’m sure triple paste has its own down falls, but for me I don’t have any negative thing to say about triple paste since it did exactly what it promised on it description.

I hope you will find my answer helpful, thank you for asking us, god luck and may god bless you.

Tiana: mom of two

I also tried preparation h when my little angel had diaper rash called Impetigo diaper rash, but preparation h didn’t help her at all, I would recommend mothers to use triple paste since it is the only thing that cured my daughters diaper rash.

Renata Rooney

After trying preparation h for 3 days without getting any result I also switched to triple paste and it worked like magic, I highly recommend triple paste to mothers looking for a diaper rash cream that actually works.

Erica super mom

As much as I love preparation h, when it comes to diaper rash it kinda useless, me and my husband also tried preparation h on our son for diaper rash and it was freaking useless lol.

What also worked for our son was triple paste after it was recommend to me by a friend, I’m pretty sure that triple paste will also work on your daughter since it also worked on our son last year.

Question was: Can i use preparation h for diaper rash. by Hallie from Corona, Please feel free to also ask us any question you would like to know about preparation h. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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