Can i use preparation h for hemorrhoids while pregnant


Can i use preparation h for hemorrhoids while pregnant? Is there anyone who have used preparation h during pregnancy? I’m suffering from very severe hemorrhoids and I was wondering if using it during pregnancy is okay or not.

Can i use preparation h for hemorrhoids while pregnant

Dr. Lyra Cena

Yes you can use preparation h during pregnancy, but you can only use if for external hemorrhoids, don’t use preparation h on internal hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

What we recommend women to use for internal and external hemorrhoids during pregnancy is Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment, it was approved by the FDA as the safest hemorrhoids treatment for women suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Anucure can be used for both internal and external hemorrhoids while you are pregnant, so I would advise you to just buy Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment and avoid using preparation h right now.

Mom of four

My doctor told me that using preparation h during pregnancy was okay but only for external hemorrhoids, when I was suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy my doctor gave me Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment and it was a life saver, if you want something to use on internal hemorrhoids then I would advise you to also give it a try and avoid using preparation h because it cannot be used on internal hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

You can get Anucure from a lot of online stores such as Walmart, eBay, amazon and Walgreen, but make sure to only buy it from amazon since they are the cheapest at the moment and they deliver a lot faster.

Here is the link to amazon:

Emmalee Blaze

Preparation h cannot be used on internal hemorrhoids during pregnancy, you can only use it for external hemorrhoids, but I would avoid using preparation h if I were you, just get Anucure , it is the only thing that doctors recommend for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, you need to get it right now because it was approved by the FDA to be used by pregnancy women.

There are a lot of hemorrhoids creams available on the market right now for pregnant women but I would only recommend using Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment since it is what I used when I had hemorrhoids during pregnancy and it worked like magic.

There is no such thing as a perfect product but Anucure was kinda perfect for me since it did everything I desperately needed during my pregnancy, so please give it a try… good luck.

Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment

Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment

CLICK HERE TO BUY Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment From Amazon

Julianne Webb

You don’t need to use preparation h during pregnancy when there are hemorrhoids treatments that were specially designed for hemorrhoids during pregnancy such as Anucure , don’t you know about Anucure? It is the most recommend hemorrhoid treatment for during pregnancy.

I have 2 kids and I’ve suffered from hemorrhoids during my both pregnancies and Anucure helped me a lot in terms of getting rid of the itch and pains.

Anucure helped me focus on my pregnancy instead of worrying about pains, I highly recommend it, infect Anucure is the only thing I recommend to women suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

If Anucure has worked for a lot of women then I’m pretty sure that it will also work for you too.

Click here to read customer reviews from amazon and hear what other women are saying who have also used Anucure during pregnancy, you will be very amazed by the reviews since about 96% percent of women are recommending it as well.

Jonathan Mackenzie

According to my knowledge, preparation is safe to use during pregnancy but only on external hemorrhoids, so if you want to use it for external hemorrhoids it okay but if you want to use it for internal hemorrhoids then you need to use something else.

When my wife was pregnant she used a hemorrhoids treatment called Anucure , I don’t know where you can get this treatment though, so just make sure to Google it am sure you can get it from amazon or maybe eBay.

I’m a guy so I don’t know anything about being pregnant but I’m 100% percent sure that preparation h cannot be used on internal hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

As long as you use preparation h on external hemorrhoids you are not going to have any problems…. Congratulation on your pregnancy.

Romina Wale

I’m pregnant and I have hemorrhoids, I was going to use preparation h but now I’m buying Anucure since everyone is recommending it lol.


Lol me too...(-_-)

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