Can i use preparation h for wrinkles


Hey everyone, this may sounds silly but can I use preparation h for wrinkles? I know this cream is for hemorrhoids but I’ve heard that it can also get rid of wrinkles, is this really true.

Can i use preparation h for wrinkles

Question was Answered by: Nancy Torres


It a lie, there are a lot of people who are claiming that preparation h can get rid of wrinkles especially on online forums but that is not really true.

I also have tried preparation h to get rid of my wrinkles and it didn’t work at all, I used it for full 3 months and I didn’t get any result, I wasted my precious time and money in the process.

To anyone reading this right now who may be wondering if preparations h really get rid of wrinkles, hear this from me “it is a lie”, I’ve tried it and it was freaking useless.

If you want to get rid of your wrinkles fast and easy without spending a lot of money than I would recommend using Wrinkle Cream | Anti Aging Face Cream & Eye Cream since it is what I’m also using right now and it working like magic, I don’t have a single regret from buying Wrinkle Cream | Anti Aging Face Cream & Eye Cream since it does everything it promised me on it description.


I have never used preparation h on wrinkles but I know a lot of women who have tried it and all of them told me that it didn’t work, so I’m 100 percent sure that it won’t work on you as well.

Preparation h was made for hemorrhoids the only thing that it does it to provide pain relief and shrink hemorrhoids that all, so I wouldn’t really recommend using it on your wrinkles because you are going to be very disappointed….

I don’t have wrinkles but a lot of women are recommending Eternal spring and I think you should also give it a try, if it working for other women then you should also give it a chance and see if it works for you.

The Eternal spring Anti Aging Face Cream is not expensive and I really believe that you don’t have anything to lose because this cream is affordable … good luck.


Base on what I’ve heard from other people on yahoo forum, preparation h does get rid of wrinkles but I wouldn’t advise you to try it because I have also tried it myself for about 2 months and I didn’t see any result, so base on my personal experience preparation h doesn’t get rid of wrinkles.

I used preparation h 3 times a day for about 2 months on my wrinkles without getting any result, but I wouldn’t blame preparation h since it was only approved for hemorrhoids lol.

I have used a lot of home remedies to get rid of my wrinkles but nothing worked until a friend of mine told me about wrinkle cream and anti aging face cream by eternal spring, I’m only going to recommend you to use Eternal spring since it is the only thing that seemed to work for me, good luck.


Where can I get Eternal spring Anti Aging Face Cream?


You can get it from a lot of online stores, it available on eBay, Walmart, Walgreen, Amazon, Boots and Target but I would recommend buying it from amazon since they are a lot cheaper plus they deliver a lot faster than these online stores.

This is the link to amazon, make sure to read customer reviews first just to hear what other people are saying who have also used it, you will be very amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are also recommending it which simple means it does work.


There are a lot of cheap products that you can use for wrinkles available on amazon, don’t waste your time on preparation h

Eternal spring Anti Aging Face Cream

Eternal spring Anti Aging Face Cream

Eternal spring Anti Aging Face Cream From Amazon

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