Can you use dish soap on cats


Hey guys, my name is Brody Peters from Uk Currently in London , Can you use dish soap on cats? I just found a cat on our back yard and me and my wife decided to adopt it, I don’t have any experience when it comes to taking care of a pet in general. Should I use our dish soap or borrow our neighbor’s dog shampoo.

Can you use dish soap on cats

Hey Brody, thanks for asking us this interesting question, well you can’t just use any soap when giving a cat a bath.

Dish soap’s are for washing dirty dishes, if you use dish soap on yourself your skin will be dry, so as your cat’s skin, you can't even use a human shampoo on a cat.

A cat skin is very strong but also can be very sensitive, so you need to know that it will be very dry after you are done giving it a bath if you used a dish soap.

Some people even use baby shampoos on their cat’s thinking that is safe since it for toddlers, well that is not true.

What about using dog shampoo on your cats?

Well there are some dog shampoos that can be also used on cat’s but you need to make sure you check the shampoos description whether it can be used by cat or not.

If there is nothing on the description then make sure you ask the vet or just call the shampoos manufacture just to make sure it is safe to use on cats.

A lot of dog shampoos can be very harmful when using on cats, about 60% percent of shampoos that were made for dogs can be very toxic when using on cats.

A dish soap will never clean your cat properly.

Dish soaps are for dirty dishes they won’t provide protection against bacteria’s or germs, cat's usually plays outside most of the time and giving your cat a bath using a dish soap is kind of useless.

Why using a dish soap on a cat is useless?

Well a dish soap will never kills ticks, fleas, lice and mites, that why you need to buy a shampoo or soap that is for cat’s such as Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo.

Cat’s soap’s or cats shampoos are very cheap, amazon has at least 30 shampoos that you can use on your cats that will clean fleas, kills ticks, kill germs and also provide protection against bacteria’s.

I have used Adams flea and tick cleansing shampoo on my cats since 2015 and I have never had any problem from using it, but some people prefer using De flea shampoo concentrate.

The FDA is against people who use product on pets that were not made for use on pets, such as using a dish soap on a cat.

Some people use hair shampoos on when bathing their cats which is wrong, according to the FDA human product and pet product are two different things.

I would advise you to at least go to a nearest shop and look for a shampoo or soap that is strictly dedicated to cats.

Most of the time, pets product such as cat shampoos can be very expensive offline that why I would advise you to go to amazon and look for a shampoo there.

One thing you need to take from this article is that you can’t just use any shampoo on a cat, just don’t or else your cats will suffer from dry skin, which can be very unpleasant.

Using a dish soap won’t kill or hurt your cats but it will dry the skin and probably also won’t kills ticks, fleas, lice and mites,. You need a soap that will kill fleas and a dish soap won’t be able to give you that.

You need to give your cats a bath at least 2 times a week since fleas can still occasionally find their way on your cat especially if your cat plays outside often.

There are some people online who will tell you that using a dish soap on a cat is okay and very safe, well don’t take that advise, you need to be aware who you listen to online especially on forums since there is a lot of garbage content found on those site.

Question was: Can you use dish soap on cats. by Brody Peters from London, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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