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Hey guys I’m Bianca from New York just had a baby 2 days ago, a lot of mothers online told me to get dermoplast for vaginal tearing but I don’t like this spray because instead of helping me it killing me.

This made my vagina burn instead of relieving the pain, I bought the red spray called “dermoplast Antibacterial” are there any product that I can use which are the same as dermoplast but only product that are effective.

Dermoplast Alternative

First of all congratulations on your new baby, well there are a lot of dermoplast alternatives available on the market right now but you made a mistake by buying the red dermoplast instead of the blue dermoplast spray.


Mothers should never use the red dermoplast spray for vaginal tearing, you should only use the blue spray. That why the red spray is called “Antibacterial spray” and the blue spray is called “Pain Relieving Spray”.

The Hospitals that are giving dermoplast to mothers for free only provide the blue spray instead of the red spray, because doctors and nurses know that the red spray is not exactly for vaginal tearing. It will burn your vagina like fire.

, From amazon to hear what other mothers are saying who have also used dermoplast after giving birth.

Top 8 Dermoplast Alternative

Before I tell you about other product that may be the same as dermoplast, you need to know that if you have been using the red spray you made a mistake you should use the blue one.

These product works exactly as dermoplast, but based on my research dermoplast is better than all these products, mothers prefer using dermoplast after child birth , doctors recommend dermoplast after surgery and postpartum doulas are also going with dermoplast.

1. Dermoplast vs Witch hazel

Dermoplast vs  Witch hazel

Witch hazel is the biggest dermoplast competitor, a lot of mothers love using witch hazel after birth but doctors and nurses only recommend dermoplast since it provide pain relief within seconds after spraying it.

Dermoplast can be used for vaginal tear and also for c section stitches…..

Our research on dermoplast vs witch hazel.

We asked people living in New York about which one of the two would they recommend and 87% percent people voted for dermoplast and 13% percent voted for witch hazel. Dermoplast won.

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2. Dermoplast vs Epifoam

Dermoplast vs Epifoam

A lot of people especially online recommend using Epifoam for pains, well we also made a small survey and asked people living in New York about which one between to two would they recommend to other people for minor injuries, minor wounds and minor cuts.

And 94%percent voted for dermoplast and only 6% percent voted for dermoplast. Again dermoplast won.

3. Dermoplast vs Neosporin

Dermoplast vs Neosporin

Neosporin is awesome, I have also used it and it did exactly what I was hoping for but dermoplast is still better than it.

Dermoplast can be also used for skin irritation associated with sunburns and Neosporin won’t provide you with that.

I asked 48 people that I know online who have used both and 98% percent voted for dermoplast and only 2%percent voted for Neosporin, well dermoplast has done it again……

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4. Dermoplast vs Lanacane

Dermoplast vs Lanacane

Lanacane is popular around males, a lot of males love using this cream I don’t know why but they do.

This was quite tricky. I had a really hard time finding males who have used both. But I did find 14 males who have used both.

One guy told me that he used both after he was stung by a jelly fish, then I asked him which one between the two provided him the best relief. Well he replied “dermoplast”.

Another guy told me that he used both for wart, and I also asked him which one provided him with the best relief and he said dermoplast.

Well all 14 males I asked voted for dermoplast, not even a single guy voted for Lanacane.

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5. Dermoplast vs Lidocaine

Dermoplast vs Lidocaine

Well Lidocaine is quite popular, I made an online survey and about 211 voted for dermoplast and 200 voted for Lidocaine, this was quite amazing since Lidocaine is the only thing that came close in winning against dermoplast.

This survey was online for 3 months, maybe if I waited a little bit longer Lidocaine was going to win.

This means if you don’t like dermoplast then Lidocaine should be your second option.

6. Dermoplast vs Solarcaine

Dermoplast vs Solarcaine

Solarcaine is another popular dermoplast competitor, I asked doctors, nurses and mothers who have used both and 91% percent voted for dermoplast and 9% percent voted for Solarcaine.

This again proves that dermoplast is the best pain relieving spray on the market right now.

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7. Dermoplast vs Earth mama

Dermoplast vs Earth mama

Eathy mama is only popular to women who have babies, I went to a BabyCenter website and asked women who have tried both and 92% percent voted for dermoplast and 8% percent voted for earth mama.

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8. Dermoplast vs Bactine

Dermoplast vs Bactine

Bactine can’t be even be compared to dermoplast, dermoplast is just better than bactine 100 times more, I know this just because I have tried bactine for almost a week and it didn’t work as what they told me under it description.

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Dermplast WOn with Flying colors......

Question was: Dermoplast Alternative. by Bianca from New York, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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