Dermoplast antibacterial postpartum


Hello guys, can I use dermoplast antibacterial spray during postpartum? I was looking for the blue spray but I didn’t find it, so I was wondering if using the red spray is okay or not.

Dermoplast antibacterial postpartum

Mothers should only use the blue dermoplast spray called dermoplast pain reliving spray after having a baby, I always advise new mothers to never use dermoplast antibacterial spray during postpartum.

About 65% percent of hospitals around the United State provide the blue dermoplast for free to women after giving birth. It best for both vagina birth and c section birth.

I'm a doctor and we don’t give mothers the dermoplast antibacterial spray because it is too strong, it has some more ingredient’s that were added to it.

Mothers should only use the blue spray, it helps to numb the pains within seconds, and it also makes the healing process much faster and smoother.

Blue Dermoplast spray from Amazon

Sandy Taylor: Mom of two

After giving birth, my friend told me to buy some dermoplast for vaginal tear, but I had a really hard time finding it since it was out of stock on all the pharmacies I went to and I ended up buying the red dermoplast spray.

The dermoplast antibacterial spray was really not good it burned my vagina like fire, then my husband ordered the blue dermoplast online at amazon.

After switching to the blue dermoplast, it worked like magic, I just don’t have a single regret from using it since it did exactly what I was hoping for and more.

The blue dermoplast spray is cold and it numbs your lady part in seconds, what I loved about dermoplast is that you can spray it on the areas without touching it.

I would advise mothers to never buy dermoplast antibacterial spray aka the red spray for after birth, they should only buy dermoplast pain relieving spray aka the blue spray.

It very hard to find the blue dermoplast though, so I would advise women to just buy it online to make thing easier for them self’s.

This blue spray doesn’t even have side effect, as long as you stick with the blue pray you will be fine. For me it was a life saver and also my best friend during postpartum.

As you heard from a mom above who have also made a mistake of using dermoplast antibacterial spray don’t use it after having a child, just stick with the blue spray and you will be fine.

and hear what other mothers are saying who have used the blue dermoplast after giving birth, some used it on their c section stitches and some used it for vaginal tear.

What is the difference between the dermoplast blue spray and the dermoplast red spray?

The blue dermoplast

Dermoplast pain relieving spray was the first spray the Dermoplast Company made for pain relief, it best for after birth, some women use it after episiotomy and some women use it after labia plasty. It best for after surgery.

A lot of women are using this spray after giving birth and about 90% percent of mothers who have used this spray for vaginal tear have said it helped them a lot in terms of numbing vaginal pains.

Some males have started to use dermoplast after circumcision surgery and about 97% percent of males who have used this after being circumcised have said it made their penis stitches heal faster.

The red dermoplast

Dermoplast antibacterial spray is the second version of dermoplast, it is an upgrade of the blue spray, the Dermoplast Company wanted to upgrade the blue spray and they came up with an idea of making the red spray.

The red spray works exactly as the blue spray, but the red spray is stronger since it have some other ingredients that were added to it, that why we don’t advise people to use the red spray on sensitive areas because it burns.

The red spray is best for skin irritation and itching that is associated with sun burns and more.

To purchase the blue dermoplast spray.

Question was: can I use dermoplast antibacterial spray during postpartum. by Deborah Smith from Mississippi, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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