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Where can I get Dermoplast blue can? I need it urgently, my wife will be having a baby in about 3 days and I can’t find this spray I’ve looked everywhere pharmacies and local stores near me, they are out of stock they only have the red spray and my wife told me to only buy the blue can. Is the red spray okay for after birth?

You cannot buy the red dermoplast spray for your wife, women can only use the blue spray after giving birth, and the red spray is too strong.

You can only buy the blue dermoplast spray for your wife since she will be using it for vaginal tear if she give birth vaginally or maybe on her c section stitches if she have a baby via c section.

The red spray has some other ingredients that are too strong, the red spray cannot be used on too sensitive areas like on a vagina or after surgery because it burns and sting.

Where can you buy the blue spray?

You can get dermoplast over the counter but it is very hard buying the blue dermoplast offline, pharmacies are always out of stock, the easiest way to get this spray is by buying it online from Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Target.

But I would advise you to buy it from Amazon because they are a lot cheaper than other online stores.

A lot of mothers who have used the red spray after giving birth have said, it burned them like fire, so please don’t buy the red spray for after birth.

I’m a mom of four, I have 2 boys and 2 girls, I have used dermoplast on all my births and when I had my second child I also made a mistake of buying the red spray.

The only thing I can tell you about using the red spray after birth is, it burned my vagina like fire. I will never use it again.

I really don’t know what are ingredients that they included on the red spray, but what I know is, it strong and it burns when using it on sensitive areas.

How many times can women use this spray after birth?

Why don’t you and hear what other mothers have to say who have also used this spray after giving birth.

According to dermoplast their spray cannot be used for more than 4 times a day, using this spray 3 times a day is what I highly recommend to get the best relief.

I also used this spray 3 times a day during my postpartum period, I used it at about 8am, 11am and 6pm. but also used it 4 times a day sometimes when feeling pains.

When I gave birth vaginally I used this spray every time I went to the bathroom, it helped me to urinate without worrying about pains.

What is the difference between the blue spray and the red spray?

The blue spray is the original formula of dermoplast, it good for minor wounds, minor cuts, minor injuries and it also recommended for after surgery to make the stitches heal faster.

The blue spray is very good for sensitive areas such as using it on vagina or penis, since a lot of mothers are using this spray for vaginal tear and also a lot of males are also using dermoplast after being circumcised to numb the penis pains.

The red spray is the second version of dermoplast, it called the dermoplast antibacterial spray because it have some more ingredient’s that were added to it.

The red spray is an upgrade from the blue spray, dermoplast wanted to improve the blue spray then they came up with an idea of making the red spray.

The red spray can be used for skin irritations associated with sun burns and itching, it is not recommended to use the red spray on too sensitive areas because it sting and burns.

Does the blue dermoplast have side effect?

Dermoplast doesn’t have any side effect, the only thing you need to know is, don’t use it more than 4 times a day. If the pains get worse after using this spray then I would advise you to call your doctor to get proper medication.

to purchase dermoplast blue can known as dermoplast pain relieving spray.

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