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Hello guys my name is josh, I’ve heard a lots of good things about dermoplast, it has a good reputation online, people recommend this spray very much.

My question is, which spray is better than the other? Which spray do people usually buy? I was at the beach yesterday and I was stung by a jelly fish, my friend told me to buy dermoplast but I’m not sure which one of the two should I buy.

My sister used the blue spray when she had a baby and she said it better than the red spray but my dad used the red spray for sun burns and he said the red spray is better than the blue spray, I don’t know who to believe since I love them both.

Dermoplast blue vs. red

We have made our own research regarding dermoplast sprays, we were trying to find out which spray do people like more or buy more.

There are two dermoplast sprays, the first one is called dermoplast pain relieving spray and the second one is called dermoplast antibacterial spray.

So what did we get from this research?

Well a lot of females voted for the blue dermoplast and a lot of males voted for the red dermoplast spray.

We have founded out that females prefer the blue spray since they mostly use it for after labor. And a lot of males prefer the red spray since they mostly use it for minor injuries.

When it comes to blue dermoplast vs red dermoplast, the blue spray won since it mostly used by females after child birth.

Hospitals provide the blue spray to women for free after giving birth for vaginal tear or c section stitches.

The blue spray is the most used dermoplast spray around America and Europe.

About 89% percent of people uses the blue dermoplast spray in the United State and only 11% percent uses the red spray which simples means people prefer using the blue spray instead of the red spray.

Most people that have used the red dermoplast have only bought it just because the blue one was out of stock.

The red spray is a second option for most people, I would also advise you to buy the blue spray since it can be used for a lot of things.

But is the blue spray really that good?

Well yes the blue spray is very good since it can be used after piercing, after having a tattoo, for perineal tear, for labial tear, for episiotomy, after labia plasty surgery, c section stitches, vaginal tear, circumcision,  diaper rash, after  waxing,  genital herpes and a lot more.

The red spray cannot be used on all those things I mentioned above, why? Because the red spray is too strong it cannot be used on too sensitive areas, that why hospitals are only providing the blue spray to mothers after giving birth.

When we gave males the red dermoplast to use it after circumcision, we received almost 90 percent of complains, 90% percent of those males said they will never use it again.

Same goes with women, when we gave them the red spray to use after labor, 97% percent of them also said they will never try it again.

Why did these people hate the red spray so much?

Because the red spray is stronger since it is an upgrade and we don’t recommend people to use it for too sensitive areas.

All those people who complained about the red spray they said the same thing, “it burns and sting”.

Why does it sting so much? Well the ingredients that were added to it are for protection against bacteria’s and more. The burn or sting that people felt after using the red spray means it is cleaning the wound and destroying any minor bacteria’s that may delay the healing process.

Did you know?

Bacteria’s may delay your healing process, that why you really need to make sure that your wounds or stitches are always clean to prevent bacteria’s and germs from delaying your healing process.

That what the red dermoplast does, it prevents bacteria’s from getting near your wounds, that why it burns and sting when applying it on your skin.

to hear what other people are saying who have used the Blue dermoplast spray.

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Question was: dermoplast blue vs. red. by josh from Seattle, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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