Dermoplast contraindications

Dermoplast contraindications

Dermoplast contraindications, who should not use dermoplast, and why? We have a list of things you need to know about before using this spray. All the things we are going to list here will be things that may be harmful to you as a dermoplast user.

Do not use dermoplast on your pets

Dermoplast for pets

We have received many emails from people asking us if they can use dermoplast on their pets especially on dogs and cats.

This spray has been only tested on humans and the FDA approved it for only humans since it has never been tested on pets.

There are some few people who still uses this spray on their pets and that is illegal according to the FDA since it haven’t been approved yet.

Maybe dermoplast will be used on pets in few years to come, but not today.

According to the FDA human product and pet’s product are too different things especially when it comes to medication.

Talk to your doctor before using dermoplast on children under the age of two

Dermoplast on children

A lot of mothers are using dermoplast on their toddlers for diaper rash, this spray can be also used by children under the age of two. But we really recommend you to consult your doctor first.

It has been proven too many times that this spray can also help children who are suffering from diaper rash and we are thankful for that, but you cannot just use medication on children that are under two years old without reading the product description or consulting your doctor.

Do not use dermoplast spray more than 4 times a day

Dermoplast spray use

Dermoplast can be only used 3 to 4 times a day not more than that, yes dermoplast can be used anywhere anytime but don’t over use it. 3 to 4 times a day should be fine.

Dermoplast was made to provide you with the best temporary pain reliefand to protect your wounds from bacteria’s, but it won’t take the pain away for good. You need to take whatever medication your doctor gave you to cure your wounds. Dermoplast if for temporary pains not serious injuries that need proper care.

If you were involved in a car accident dermoplast won’t do you any good, those injuries will be too serious, you will need proper care, but you also can use dermoplast when your wounds get more painful to numb the pain.

Do not use dermoplast for 7 days none stop

Using dermoplast for 7 days none stop without getting any relief means you need to see your doctor especially if the pain is getting worse. Some injuries need professional care, dermoplast can’t do everything by its own. So make sure you go and talk to your doctor if the problem continues.

Why is it a problem if you use dermoplast for 7 days none stop?

Well, if you use dermoplast 4 times a day every day for 7 days none stop without getting any progress, I think that simple means get your lazy ass to the hospital and see professionals who will look on to your situation and provide you with a valid solution so you get the relief that you need.

Do not use the red dermoplast on sensitive areas

We advise people to use only the blue spray when buying dermoplast for use on too sensitive areas.

What are sensitive areas?

A lots of women use dermoplast after birth for virginal tear and some women will use it for c section recovery and since those areas can be very sensitive and using dermoplast antibacterial spray can burn you instead of relieving you from pains.

Some males use dermoplast after circumcision and they also should only use the blue dermoplast because a penis is the most sensitive area on a male’s body.

If you only find the red spray, don’t buy it, you need to wait until the blue spray is available, if you can’t wait, then buy it from this website.

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