Dermoplast for c section incision

Hello guys, my name is Nicole from USA currently living in New York, I just had a baby via c section, and a lot of mothers in forums are talking about using dermoplast after birth.

But they are only talking about using dermoplast after vaginal delivery for tearing and I have a question regarding using this spray. Should I use dermoplast on c section incision?

I’ve heard many good things about this spray and I was wondering if it can be used on caesarean section stitches, if yes, should I use the blue spray or red spray. Which one is recommended for this situation?

Dermoplast for after c section

Mothers after birth always wonder if they can use dermoplast for c section or just stick with the medication they got from the hospital. And if you are a new mother as well and wondering if dermoplast is okay after your surgery then this article is for you.

This spray is for relieving temporary pains, minor cut, scrapes, minor burns, and skin irritations and it provide fast relief, meaning yes you can use it on your stitches after birth if you had c section.

Hospitals, doctors, birth centers recommends mothers to use this spray for vaginal tearing that means it also okay to use it on your caesarean section stitches after birth. There is really nothing to be afraid of.

Dermoplast was made to make the wounds, cut and injuries heal faster, provide protection against bacteria’s and also provide pain relief immediately.

I have given birth via c section two times and my doctor has given me this dermoplast spray because it helps with the healing process, you need to use dermoplast on your c section stitches to heal faster and a lot smoother.

A lot of mothers think that dermoplast was for only vaginal delivery, well they are wrong, this spray is for injuries and using it on your c section stitches is 100% percent safe.

And hear what other mothers are saying who have also used this spray after c section birth, you’ll be amazed by the reviews since a lot of mothers are also recommending this spray for c section stitches.

Which dermoplast spray is recommended for c section?

There are two different dermoplast sprays, there is a blue spray called “dermoplast pain relieving spray” and there is a red spray called “dermoplast antibacterial spray”.

You need to use the blue dermoplast spray on your c section stitches because it doesn’t sting and very good for women who just gave birth.

Where can you buy this blue dermoplast spray?

You can buy it from amazon bellow, it cheap and sometimes you can get your order within the same day.

A lot of offline stores are always out of stock when I look for this spray since people buy it a lot, last month I just decided to buy it from amazon because it is always available.

What is the deference between the red spray and the blue spray?

Well the blue dermoplast is the original formula of dermoplast sprays and the red spray is a second version of dermoplast.

The red spray is an upgraded spray from the blue spray, it still does what the blue spray does and the only difference is that the red spray has some new ingredients that were added to it.

It not recommended for women who just gave birth to use the red dermoplast because it is very strong.

A lot of women that I know off who have used the red spray have told me that it burns and very hot. So I would advise women to not use the red spray after birth via c section or vaginally.

What if you can’t find the blue spray?

Only offline shops run out of dermoplast, you need to buy it from amazon, amazon has never been out of stock of dermoplast spray.

How many times should you use dermoplast on your c section stitches?

I would advise you to use it only when you are feeling pains but don’t use it more than 4 times a day.

The dermoplast company have said, we can use their spray any time of the day and anytime we are feeling pains but must not use it more than 4 times a day.

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Question was: Can I use dermoplast for c section incision. by Nicole from New York, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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