Dermoplast for waxing


Hello guys this is Jean Davis from Spain, I was thinking about waxing and I’ve never done it before, my friend has told me that waxing for the first time is pretty painful.

But I was wondering if there is some kind of a cream that I can use to numb that temporary pains after waxing. I’ve heard many good things about dermoplast spray and I’m thinking about giving it a try.

My question is, Can i use dermoplast for waxing? If yes, then which spray should I buy? Should I use the red spray or the blue spray?

Dermoplast for waxing

I wax quite often and waxing your private part can be very painful, the first time I waxed myself down there I developed some rash and bumps and when I told my friend she told me to use dermoplast.

Well I didn’t take her advice because I didn’t know anything about this spray that time.

Then I called my doctor and asked her advice and she also told me to buy dermoplast.

Well I went to amazon to first read customers reviews just to hear what other women were saying about this spray.

Well I was quite shocked with the reviews, about 96% percent of women were recommending this spray. Then I immediately ordered it.

and hear what other people are saying who have also used dermoplast for waxing, you will be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are highly recommending this spray.

I didn’t buy this because my friend or my doctor told me too, but I bought this spray just because of the amazon reviews, it was quite shocking how women really love this spray.

The first time I sprayed this dermoplast spray on my private part it felt like heaven down there since it provided me with the best pain relief I’ve ever had lol.

Using dermoplast after waxing is very safe and also recommend by doctors, since this spray can provide immediate pain relief.

I’m also recommending this spray to women who are thinking about waxing or women looking for something to use for temporary waxing pains.

Great thing about this spray is that, it doesn’t sting and not toxic.

Advice: don’t ever use the Red dermoplast spray called “dermoplast antibacterial spray” after waxing because it burns and sting.

Make sure that you only buy the blue dermoplast spray called “dermoplast pain relieving spray” because it not strong and doesn’t sting at all.

What is the difference between the red spray and blue spray?

The blue spray is the original formula of dermoplast, it is the best for after waxing, wounds, cuts, injuries and skin irritation. It provide pain relief within seconds after spraying it.

The red spray is an upgrade of the blue spray, it is very strong, it has some more ingredients that were added to it, that why it called antibacterial spray. It best for skin irritations associated with sunburns.

Don’t ever use the red spray for after waxing.

I made a mistake of buying the red dermoplast as well after my wax, well it burned my skin like fire, make sure you only buy the blue spray.

As long as you stick with the blue spray you will be fine. This spray is the best when it comes to numbing temporary pains.

What I mostly like about using dermoplast is that, you won’t even need to touch the area were you are feeling pains.

The only thing you will need to do is 1. You open dermoplast 2. Your spray it directly to the area you are feeling pains and 3. You are done.

Unlike using pains relieving creams such as lidocaine, bactine, linacaine, these creams will require you to touch yourself which can be also painful.

How many times can you use this blue dermoplast spray after waxing?

You can use it as long as you are feeling pains, and also can use it anytime of the day. But do not use this spray more than 4 times a day.

Dermoplast have said that, their spray cannot be used more than 4 times a day. So make sure you use it 3 times or 4 times but don’t go beyond that.

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Question was: Dermoplast for waxing. by Jean Davis from Madrid, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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