Dermoplast for yeast infection

Dermoplast for yeast infection


Hey postpartum team this is Ciara living in New York, am suffering from yeast infection, my question is can I use dermoplast for yeast infection?

Postpartum period team:

There are a lot of yeast infections and they are not treated the same, what type of yeast infection are you talking about?


Am talking about vaginal yeast infection….

Dermoplast is a pain relieving spray, it will never get rid of your vaginal infection.

Well I have also used dermoplast for vaginal yeast infection and it doesn’t work, don’t waste your money on dermoplast it won’t help you at all.

What treatment should women use for vaginal yeast infection?

Well am only going to recommend something that I also used, this got rid of my vaginal yeast infection within 3 days.

I used pH-D feminine health support, Boric Acid vaginal Suppositories , am recommend this to you just because it also worked for me, if it worked for me than for sure it will also work for you too.

Dermoplast is mostly used by new mothers on their vaginas after giving birth for pain relief, when it comes to yeast infection dermoplast won’t help you at all.

Am recommending Boric Acid vaginal Suppositories just because it was also recommended me by a friend who was also suffering from vaginal infections, this stuff does work.

What cause yeast infection?

Well am not a doctor so I really don’t know what causes this, the only thing I know about yeast infection is that it is also called Candida that all.

According to mayo clinic website “90% percent of women will get yeast infection, and they also said once you get yeast infection you’ll be mostly likely to get it again”.

Well I also suffered from yeast infection and it never came back, I think maybe it because I used Boric Acid vaginal Suppositories am not sure. ‘’

My little sister had vaginal infections as well last summer, her vagina had horrible smell she was even scared to have sex with her boyfriend.

Well I told her about these pills, this will sound too good to be true, but her vaginal infections were gone within two days after using these pills. If you don’t believe me then CLICK HERE TO READ REVIEWS….

One thing I would like you to take from this post: dermoplast is for pain relief, I know a lot of women who uses it for vaginal tear after giving birth since about 65% percent of hospitals around the United States are providing it for free to mothers after after labor

Why do I say dermoplast won’t work for vaginal yeast infection?

Because dermoplast was made for minor cuts, minor injuries and minor wounds, this was made to provide pain relief and protect the wounds from bacteria’s to make the healing process go much quicker. That why women heal faster after labor if they used dermoplast.

Hospitals are providing dermoplast to women after child birth for free. Do you know why? So they can numb their vaginas… That all nothing more.

Dermoplast spray is excellent for pain relief and it very good to make the wounds heal faster, but it won’t get rid of your yeast infection. Take my advice and don’t waste your money on dermoplast.

Honestly I’m verypositive that this will help you since it also worked for me too, I hope this post was helpful, don’t forget to share this post on social media…. Good luck. Make sure you read the customer reviews from amazon and hear what other women have to say who have used this for vaginal infections.

Question was: dermoplast for yeast infection. by Ciara from New York, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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