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I’ve been searching for dermoplast spray in Canada and I haven’t found it yet, where can it get it? Or should I just order it online?

Question was Answered by: Maya Bishop

Getting dermoplast if you are living outside of the United State can be a pain in the ass, so I would advise you to just buy it online from amazon.


I’m a mom of four living in Canada, and I have always bought this spray online from amazon, after I had my first born I tried looking for dermoplast on local shops and pharmacies here in Toronto but I couldn’t find it than I ended up using my husband’s credit card to buy it online from amazon.

Amazon is not only the online store that is selling dermoplast spray though, you can also get it from other online stores such as Target, Walmart, eBay, Boots and Walgreen, but I prefer buying it from amazon though since they deliver a lot faster than other online stores and they are a lot cheaper as well.

If you are on Amazon prime, you are very lucky since you’ll get your order within the same day…. So I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you.

Things to know before buying dermoplast for postpartum…..

You need to only buy the blue dermoplast spray not the red dermoplast spray, both sprays work exactly the same but the red spray is not recommended for after labor because it is very strong and cannot be used on too sensitive areas.

The blue spray

The blue dermoplast spray is the first formula of dermoplast, it doesn’t sting and doesn’t burn, it provides fast pain relief and make the healing process a lot faster…..

The red spray

The red dermoplast spray is the second formula of dermoplast, it best for sun burns and minor cuts, it not recommend for sensitive areas, so don’t buy it if you want to use dermoplast on c section stitches or for vaginal tear.


As a mom who have used dermoplast on all my four births, the only thing I can promise you about dermoplast is that you are not going to have a single regret from using this spray after the birth of your child, it is the most recommended pain relief for after labor pains.

What I mostly love about using dermoplast after delivery is that, it is very easy to use, you won’t even have to touch yourself when applying this spray, the only thing you do is, 1. You open it, 2. You spray it directly to the area and 3. You are done.

Using this spray is easy as 1.2.3 and very safe, another thing I love about using the blue dermoplast spray is that, it doesn’t have any side effect.

Please note: dermoplast cannot be used more than 4 times a day…. Make sure to only use this spray 2 times a day or maybe 3 times if you need to…. But do not use it more than that.

Just use this spray as much as you need to, but not more than 4 times a day…. Good luck.

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Taylor Patel

It very tough to get this spray when you are living outside the United States, am a Canadian and the easiest way for me to get this spray is by buying it online. I use eBay but most of the time I buy it from Amazon, they charge the same price.

It seems likes life is a bit easier for women living in the United State, they are exposed to a lot of things we don’t have here in Canada, I was thinking of moving to New York next year just to get excess to many things we don’t have here.

Yolanda Adams

You better include this dermoplast pain relieving spray on your mummy check list when preparing for hospital, it doesn’t matter if you are going to give birth vaginally or via c section, you will benefit a lot from using dermoplast on both births.

I got this spray from the hospital for free, lucky me… well you also need to buy your own just to make sure you are on the save side, some hospitals do not provide this and some will give you but won’t allow you to take it for home use.

I’m also from Canada but I’ve been lucky enough to give birth on hospitals that provide dermoplast for free after labor…. I have used this spray on both my births and I have never have paid for it.


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