Dermoplast spray drug information

Dermoplast spray drug information

This article is about dermoplast spray drug information for dummies like me, don’t read from or Wikipedia, you won’t understand a single paragraph. Those website don’t go straight to the point, they make something simple and make it sounds too complicated.

In this article I’m going to tell you everything I know about dermoplast, I’m not going to writes a 5000 words article like Wikipedia, this will be short and simple. Maybe 500 words or shorts.

What is dermoplast?

Dermoplast is a pain relieving spray that may help in any type of skin irritation, such as itchiness, after piercing, after having a tattoo, for perineal tear, for labial tear, for episiotomy, after labia plasty surgery, c section stitches, vaginal tear, circumcision, diaper rash, after waxing, genital herpes and a lot more.

Dermoplast is best for minor cuts, minor burns, minor injuries, minor wounds, stitches, after surgery and so many more, it numbs the pains within seconds after spraying it on yourself.

How safe is this spray?

100% percent safe, hospitals are giving this for free to women after having a baby to use it on their vaginas to heal the stitches faster after surgery.

If the doctors and hospitals are giving it for free to women to use it on their private parts that tells you how safe it is. This product was approved by the FDA to be used on sensitive areas as well.

Some male’s uses this after circumcision to ease the penis pains and also protect it from bacteria’s that may delay the healing process.

Can you use this on your baby?

Yes you can, the FDA also approved this spray to be used by children under the age of two, even a 9 month old have a right to use this spray for any type of rash.

Some women even use this on their toddlers if they develop diaper rash. And hospitals approved that as well.

Do you like my dermoplast spray drug information? If yes then carry on reading, I have some few points I want to tell you about.

What is the difference between the blue spray and the red spray?

 Not much, both sprays can be used for the same thing, but using the red dermoplast for too sensitive areas like on a vagina or penis is never recommended, you need to use the blue spray for such situations.

The blue spray

The blue dermoplast spray is the original formula of dermoplast, it is the first spray they created, and it can be used for numbing pains in any part of the body, except eyes or mouth.

The red spray

This is the second version of dermoplast, some people call it the upgraded version, and since it a second spray this spray is very strong, it stronger then the blue spray.

The red dermoplast spray was added with some new ingredients to improve dermoplast, these ingredients are for making the healing process much faster and also protect your skin or wounds from any bacterial that may delay your healing process.

Which spray should you use?

It depends on what do you want to use it for, read what Dr. Durbany had to say about whether to use the blue one or the red one.

Dr. Durbany

Well, we only recommend using the blue spray if you want to use dermoplast for sensitive areas like on vagina, penis, lager wounds and huge scars. We don’t recommend using the red spray for sensitive areas because it much stronger and it stings very hard and sometimes it makes the pain worse by burning it.

Use the red spray only for minor cut, buns, skin itchiness, skin irritations, bee sting, jelly fish sting and stuff like that.

What is in dermoplast?

There is something called “Benzocaine” this is what numb the pain, according to , benzocaine is used to reduce pains and discomfort caused by skin irritations, sore throat, sunburn and stuff like that.

What are some other ingredients beside benzocaine in dermoplast?

Well i don’t know, dermoplast won’t say. Why? Because it their secret recipe. If they tell people than their competitors will know and use that against them.

I hope you liked my dermoplast spray drug information, if you would like to know more about dermoplast then go to our Dermoplast frequently asked questions and I’m positive that all the info you may need about dermoplast is there. If it not then contact us and we will answer you within 8 hours.

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