Dermoplast spray for itching


Hey guys, I have a very simple question that I need a straight answer for, can I use dermoplast spray for itching? If yes then should I buy the blue dermoplast spray or should I buy the red dermoplast spray? Thanks for taking my question.

Dermoplast spray for itching

Question was Answered by: Lisa Whitlock

Yes, using dermoplast on your itchy skin is the best thing you can do for yourself…. But this spray cannot be used more than four times a day.

Dermoplast can be used on the following itching’s

  1. It can get rid of the itching associated with sun burns
  2. It can stop the itching of scrapes
  3. It will stop the itching that may develop on your wounds or minor cuts
  4. It can be used on itching that may develop on serious injuries
  5. It can be used on itching associated with insect bite
  6. It can stop any skin irritations and itching that is associated with razor burn, chemical burn and fire burn
  7. It can be used to stop any itching associated with any skin rash such as yeast infection or eczema

Please Note: Dermoplast is a temporary pain relief, the relief won’t last you four hours, it only temporary.

Dermoplast with soothe and moisturize your skin with lanoline on any itching associated with sun burns, insect bite, minor cuts, minor wounds, scrapes and burns.

Can I people use dermoplast on itching that may develop on surgery stitches?

Yes, a lot of women are using it on their c section incision stitches to stop irritations, itching and pains. About 78% percent of women who uses dermoplast are using it on their vaginas after giving birth to stop the itching and temporary pains.

Dermoplast was approved by the FDA to be used even on itching that may develop on a vagina after episiotomy or labial plasty.

Some males are even using dermoplast on their penis stitches after being circumcised, 94% percent of males who have used this spray on their penis stitches have said it helped them a lot since it provided immediate pain relief.

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You will be very amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have used this spray are also recommending it.

I’m a mom of four, I have used dermoplast on all my birth, I have used it for vaginal tear, vaginal itching and also have used it on my c section stitches after giving birth to my third child.

As a women who have used this spray four times, the only thing I can tell you about it is that I don’t have a single regret from using it since it provided me with the best relief.

This spray is worth every penny even though it cheap.

Bonus benefit of using dermoplast for itching

You won’t even have to touch your itchy skin since this spray is a no touch applications, the only thing you do when using g this spray is, 1. You open it, 2. You spray it directly on the itchy area and 3. You are done.

Dermoplast is by far the best product for itching that may develop on your skin, this spray is a must have for every house hold since it can be used for a lot of things

Should I used the blue spray or the red spray for itching?

It depends….

If you want to use this spray on too sensitive areas like surgery stitches, vagina, penis, deep wounds, deep injuries, then you need to use the blue dermoplast spray since it is not too strong, it doesn’t sting and also doesn’t burn.

If you want to use this spray for itching associated with minor cuts, insect bite, scrapes, minor burns, sun burns then you can use the red spray.

You must never use the red spray on too sensitive areas because it is very strong since it has some more ingredients that were added to it.

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