Dermoplast spray ireland


Where can I find dermoplast spray in Ireland? I’ve been looking for this spray all day, I’ve been in 8 local pharmacies so far and they all don’t have it, some don’t even know what it is.

 Dermoplast spray ireland

Question was Answered by: Amanda Watkins

Getting dermoplast outside the United State can be very hard, and I don’t really know any place that is selling dermoplast in ireland. Your best and only option would be buying this bellow from amazon.

The link bellow will take you to amazon store, where you can buy this spray, your best and only option right now is buying it online.


How much will all this cost?

As far as we know, Amazon do provide free delivery for their customers living in Ireland, but there are terms and conditions.

Amazon will provide free delivery to their Ireland customers only if they have ordered at least items that cost over £25 GBP. Amazon have been doing this for quite some time.

What you need to know about this free delivery

This free shipping doesn’t just happen automatically same as for customers living in the United State, you need to select this free delivery yourself when you are clicking the checkout button for all items.

You need to make sure that you are buying from not from because this free Ireland shipping is not available from the com. site.

Updates: 03 November 2016

We have founded an online store from Ireland that is selling dermoplast, it called Here is a link where you can find this spray

Please note that, this spray is always out of stock at simple because people buy it too often, you’ll be lucky enough if you find it.

If that store doesn’t have it then you can always buy it from

Question was: Where to buy dermoplast in ireland. by Karen Cornier from Limerick, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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Lucie Brennan

How the hell such as a huge developed country like Ireland give us a hard time getting dermoplast, why are our local pharmacies not selling this spray? I’m really confused.

That why I’m thinking of moving to the UK simple because they have access to many things that we don’t have here. This stuff was supposed to be provided for free from the hospitals, we really don’t have to struggle trying to buy this spray ourselves.

United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United State and so many more countries provide this for free to women after birth, what the hell do we really have to do in order to get this spray here in Ireland. Do we need to move to the Uk just because of the hard time we have from purchasing online on site like Amazon and eBay?

Jojo Collins

I’m from United State living in New York, well I’m here in Ireland for a vacation and dermoplast spray here is really not easy to find, my son was stung by bees and we needed dermoplast to help numb the pains, but we couldn’t find it.

I can’t wait to go home, in the US you can find dermoplast in pharmacies, shops, clinics and in government hospitals, I wonder why hospitals here don’t have this pain relieving product. Dermoplast is very popular in the US, almost everyone uses it. I guess if you are living in Ireland you have to try something else and forget about dermoplast pain relieving spray. I’m sure there are also good dermoplast alternatives here in Ireland that we can try.

Jack Dunne

I’m a business man and since this spray is not sold here in Ireland I was thinking of opening my own dermoplast shop here, I’m sure people will buy it since I won’t have competition, there are a lot of people looking for this spray here Ireland and some of them ends up buying it from amazon, and that online store will force people from Ireland to buy at least product that are above £25, to get free shipping. That is a little bit unfair.

I have used dermoplast for burns and it worked, but I ordered it from amazon and it was delivered after 4 days.

Cynthia Moran

I’ve used dermoplast for c section, but I got it as a gift from a friend who is living in US, she came to see my daughter after just 6 hours after she was born, I’d say this spray was pretty amazing. It so sad that after my second child I won’t be using it again since it hard to get it here.

But I’ll try buying it from amazon even though we need to spend £25 to get the free shipping.

Steve Whelan

I always wanted to live in the United States for reasons like this, people living in America are so blessed, they have everything right on their doors. There is nothing that you can’t find there, they have everything.

When we buy something on amazon here in Ireland we need to spend at least £25 and Americans don’t have to spend more to get free shipping, I understand that we are far, but I thought amazon was a billion dollar online retailer? They can afford providing us also with free shipping, we also spend a lot of money on that site.


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