Red or blue dermoplast for postpartum


I was wondering if I should use red or blue dermoplast during my postpartum period, which one between the two sprays is best for vaginal tear.

Red or blue dermoplast for postpartum

The only recommended dermoplast spray for postpartum is the blue dermoplast spray.

Even the hospitals that provide dermoplast for free to women after labor only provides the blue dermoplast not the red dermoplast.

Dr. Tracy Collins

Using dermoplast after child birth is what we always advise mothers to do, dermoplast can be used after vaginal birth and also after c section birth.

The only spray new mothers need to use is the blue spray, we don’t recommend women to use the red spray because it is very strong.

Dr. Jill Hall

We provide dermoplast after labor for free to mothers and we only provide the blue spray since it is the original formula of dermoplast, it best for stitches, wounds and it doesn’t sting.

Some hospitals do not have this spray though, to women who are going to buy this spray them self’s make sure you only buy the blue spray not the red spray.

Dr. Dylan Harvey

A lot of mothers who have complained about dermoplast are women that used the red spray, the red spray burns and it stings since it very strong, women should never use the red dermoplast after child birth.

How many times can women use this spray after birth?

As a mom who have used this spray myself during my postpartum period, I would advise women to use it at 8am, 11am, and 6pm to get the best result.

Dermoplast and the FDA have said this spray cannot be used more than 4 times a day.

If using dermoplast doesn’t help in numbing the pains then you need to call your doctor to get proper medication.

What is the difference between the blue spray and the red spray?

Well the blue spray is the original formula of dermoplast, it best to use for deep injuries, deep wounds and deep cuts. It numbs the pains within seconds after spraying it.

The red spray is the upgraded version of the blue spray, it has some more ingredients that were added to it, that why we don’t recommend women to use it during their postpartum period.

A lot of mothers think that dermoplast is for vaginal tearing only, well this spray can be also used by women who had c section.

Some males are even using this spray after being circumcised, a lot of males who have used dermoplast after circumcision have said it helped them heal faster.

Another benefit of using the blue dermoplast during postpartum is that it also provide protection against infection and bacteria’s.

Can women use this spray on their babies during postpartum?

Yes, dermoplast and the FDA have approved this spray to be also used on children younger than two years old, I have also used this spray on my toddlers for diaper rash.

Some women have even claimed that this spray has also helped them heal hemorrhoids.

There are a lot of benefit from using dermoplast after child birth, but mothers should only stick with the blue spray.

What are dermoplast postpartum side effect?

Well this spray doesn’t have any side effect, I have used it on all 3 of my births and I have never had any problems from using it.

The only regret I have from using dermoplast is, when I bought the red spray for vaginal tear, it burned my vagina like fire.

As long as women stick with the blue spray they will have no problems…..

Question was: Red or blue dermoplast for postpartum? Which one should moms buy. by Doris Parsons from New York, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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