Dermoplast spray south africa

UPDATES: Both Dermoplast Pain Relieving spray and Dermoplast Antibacterial spray are now available in South Africa from BidorBuy, Wantitall and Ubuy.

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Hello guys my name is Pretty Zulu, I just had a baby few minutes ago and I was searching for new mommy checklist.

Well About 90% of websites that I went to recommended dermoplast and tucks pads, I’ve heard that American hospitals are providing this spray for free to women after giving birth.

My problem is that am from Africa, living in South Africa, and since we are a developing country hospitals do not provide this spray, they don’t even know that it exist.

My question is, where can I find dermoplast spray in South Africa? I really want this spray, are there any shops around Johannesburg or Cape Town that sell this spray? Thank you very much for taking my question.

Dermoplast spray south africa

Question was Answered by: Mel Robbins

Yes dermoplast is available in South Africa but only online, we haven’t heard of any stores around Johannesburg or Cape Town that are selling this spray.

Dermoplast can’t be sold in South African Shops if South African local stores are not ordering it, this spray can be found in many different countries like UK and Canada, but the dermoplast manufactures only sell this spray to a countries that are willing to odder it.

We are still waiting for a South African company that will dedicate itself for selling this spray.

A lots of people who are living in Africa buy this spray from Amazon and that can take up to 30 days, that a lot of time to wait for a product such as dermoplast.

There is one online store we know that sells this spray on South Africa.

The website is

Click the link bellow, this link will take you to the buy dermoplast page on that websites.

Pleas note that this spray is always out of stock on that website, when you buy this spray from that website they will odder it them self’s from dermoplast, it cost R99.00 in South Africa.

That website can deliver the spray from 10 to 20 working days, I think they are better than buying it from amazon.

If you are a South African you need to buy this spray 1 month early before you will need to use it, if you are pregnant you better buy it now before you go in to labor.

Question was: Where to buy Dermoplast spray in South Africa. by Pretty Zulu from Johannesburg, Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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Eve Du Toit

I’m a South African but currently living in the United States, well I have 2 of dermoplast sprays both the red one and the blue one, I wish I can send it back home so they can use it as well.

The reason I hate living in Africa as a whole is that, there are a lot of great things available in Europe and America which are not available in Africa, I know that Africa is developing as a continent but I think it taking too slow, south Africa has a lot of money, the problem is the corrupt government, hospitals should be giving this spray for free in south Africa or in Africa.

This spray should be available at least in the hospitals that are for rich people, if the rich hospitals don’t give a damn about bringing this spray to South African people then it will be tough for the government to take action.

Nonhlanhla Nene

I’m a South African living in Cape Town, on my first birth I really had a hard time getting dermoplast as well then I ended up making an order from amazon, it took 31 days for this spray to arrive here.

I wouldn’t advise South Africa women to buy dermoplast from amazon since it takes almost a whole month for this spray to arrive here in SA. I just get angry every time when American women are talking about this spray on YouTube since it not available here in SA.


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