Dermoplast for toddlers

Hello my name is Martha Harris and I own a children’s day care.

I was wondering if I can use Dermoplast spray on my toddlers, I own a crèche and a lot of these kids get injured every day and I was wondering if dermoplast can be used for minor cut and temporary pains on children under the age of three.

We’ve got more than 500 kids here and sometimes they fight and scratch them self’s. I’ve used dermoplast myself and I know how good this spray can be in relieving pans fast and I would really like to use it on these kids.

If I’m allowed to use dermoplast on toddlers then which spray should I use? Should I buy the red sprays or blue sprays?

Dermoplast for toddlers

Yes Dermoplast can be used by children under the age of two

This is the safest pain relieving product on the market right now, and this is very safe for children as well.

This spray can be used even by children who are only just a year old, and most mothers who uses dermoplast on their kids usually use it for diaper rash.

Diaper rash is a very common problem that new mothers face and dermoplast is the best and only recommended option when trying to treat temporary pains and skin rash on children.

Which dermoplast spray can you use on toddlers?

You can use both of the sprays, both of the sprays are very safe on children.

We recommend mothers to use only the blue spray on children under the age of two, because the red spray can be strong for some toddlers sometimes.

Dr. Durban Williams

Both sprays can be used on toddlers but we recommend using the blue spray on children under the age of two.

Parents should never use dermoplast more than 4 times a day on children, if the pains get worse after using dermoplast then calling your doctor is what we recommend to get proper treatment.

Dr. Judy Anderson

Dermoplast is one of the top product we recommend mothers to use on their babies. They can use it for any skin irritation. But we only provide the blue spray to mothers.

Dr. Jack Richards

We started to provide dermoplast numbing pain spray to mothers for free, but we only provide it to women after giving birth, they can use it for c section stitches and also for vaginal tear. We also tell mothers to use this spray on their babies if they develop diaper rash. Mothers should only use the blue spray.

Dr. Bentley Gray

The FDA approved this dermoplast spray to be used on children under the age of two, mothers can even use this spray on children who are just 5 months old, but we only advise people to use the blue spray on children who are younger than 3 years because it not strong and it doesn’t sting.

As a mom I have also used dermoplast on my son who is 2 years old after he got injured when he was playing outside, I used the blue spray and it worked like magic, what I mostly love about this dermoplast spray is that it doesn’t sting at all.

The only thing parents should know before using dermoplast on their toddlers is, do not use the dermoplast anti-bacterial spray especially on children younger than two years.

Make sure you only buy the blue dermoplast and do not use it more than four times a day.

Question was: Dermoplast for toddlersr. by Martha Harris from New York City , Please feel free to also ask us anything related to dermoplast. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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