Dermoplast vs Epifoam


I’m giving birth next week and I was wondering if I should use dermoplast or epifoam, my sister told me to use epifoam but my best friend told me to use dermoplast, I don’t know which one of the two should I use….

Dermoplast vs Epifoam

Epifoam after birth is very helpful but my advice to you would be just stick with dermoplast and you will be fine.

I’m a mother of three boys and I have used dermoplast on all my births, what I can promise you is “dermoplast is going to be your best friend after labor”, you won’t have a single regret from using this spray.

I made a small survey last year on January 25 and I asked mothers about which spray would they use after birth between dermoplast and epifoam and all of them voted for dermoplast.

Then i asked women who have used both dermoplast and epifoam about which spray would they recommend to first time moms and they all voted for dermoplast.

And lastly I asked 3 doctors about which spray would they give their patients after labor and also all of them voted for dermoplast.

This little survey I did proved that dermoplast is better than epifoam. Just stick with the blue dermoplast spray and you should be fine. This spray will make your healing process go smoother and it will also help you heal faster.

and hear what other people are saying who have also used dermoplast, you will be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are highly recommending this spray.

You really don’t have to use epifoam, dermoplast is very cheap and it works, I’m telling you this because am a living proof, it best for any skin irritation and works for stitches, scars and small cut. The best thing about this dermoplast spray is that you can also use it on sensitive areas and it doesn’t sting.

Some women use dermoplast for vaginal tear and some women use it on their c section scars, that tells you how safe this spray really is, I’ve heard that even males are using it on their penis after being circumcised,

Dermoplast spray after childbirth is the best thing to use for both vaginal delivery and c section. This will help you heal faster. Almost about 90% percent of women around the United State of America are using this after labor.

Some hospitals provide dermoplast after child birth for free, about 67% percent hospitals around the United State does provide this for free simple because it what works right now.

But I would advise women to buy this for them self’s since not all hospitals provide this spray for free. It very cheap and buying it bellow from amazon is cheaper than buying it offline. Order it bellow and get it within 1 – 2 working days.

Did you know that you can also use dermoplast on your child? Yes this spray was approved by the FDA to be also used on children under the age of two, dermoplast on toddlers is very safe as well.

A lot of mothers who have used this dermoplast spray on their babies have been using it mostly for diaper rash, and some women even use this spray for hemorrhoids, this is what you need after labor.

What is the difference between the blue and red sprays?

Well the blue dermoplast spray (dermoplast pain relieving spray) is the original formula of dermoplast, it was the first spray the company made for relieving pains and provide protection against germs.

And the red dermoplast spray (dermoplast antibacterial spray) is an upgraded version of the blue spray, it helps heal faster and also provide protection against bacteria’s, but it sting and not recommend to be used by mothers after childbirth.

Mothers should never use the red dermoplast, make sure you buy the blue spray.

If you want to know more about dermoplast then go to this link, it have all the information you may need about dermoplast.

What are the side effect from using dermoplast after childbirth?

Well this may sound too good to be true but dermoplast doesn’t have any side effect, that why even hospitals are providing it for free to women after labor.

Dermoplast should be the first item on your postpartum list, some women used earth mama and some use witch hazel, but about 90% percent use dermoplast which simple means it better then these two.

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