Dermoplast vs Witch hazel

Dermoplast vs Witch hazel which one of the two is the best? Some women prefer dermoplast and some like to use witch hazel after birth, I was wondering which one of the two I should buy.

Dermoplast vs Witch hazel

Hospitals provide dermoplast pain relieving spray to mothers for free, do you know why? It because it is the best pain relieving product to use for after birth at the moment.

Why are hospitals giving mothers dermoplast not witch hazel? That tells you that dermoplast is better than witch hazel since doctors are recommending it nurses are recommending it even the government want all hospitals around the United State to provide this for free.

Not all hospitals provide dermoplast for free though that why you need to buy this yourself to be on a safe side. I’ve used both dermoplast and witch hazel after the birth of my son and dermoplast was so much better.

I would advise you to use dermoplast instead of witch hazel. You can still buy both and test yourself maybe you’ll like witch hazel more.

and hear what other people are saying who have also used dermoplast, you will be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are highly recommending this spray.

I have used dermoplast after the birth of my son and I don’t have a single regret from using this spray, about 90% percent of new mothers use dermoplast after birth not witch hazel, that simple means mothers prefer dermoplast over witch hazel.

No matter how good witch hazel is, it will never do what dermoplast can do for you, Dermoplast is better than witch hazel in so many ways, but witch hazel can be also 100% percent beneficially after birth. These are both important and both can be used to solve your vaginal pains and tear.

Witch hazel won’t protect your tear from bacteria’s, it won’t make the healing process much faster, it won’t numb the pain within seconds, and it cannot be compared to dermoplast.

Use dermoplast and witch hazel at the same time.

Well in order to get the best out of witch hazel after birth, you need to use it with dermoplast and you’ll be amazed with the results.

How can you use them both at the same time?

You can to put witch hazel on the pads that you will be wearing then spray a little bit of the blue dermoplast spray.


Don’t buy witch hazel, just buy tucks wipes instead.

Tucks wipes have witch hazel on them, tucks are just wipes that were soaked on witch hazel, it best to use tucks after you just sprayed dermoplast down there.

There are also witch hazel pads available.

You really don’t need to buy witch hazel, but you need to buy witch hazel pads that are called “Tuck Pads”, wearing witch hazel pads after spraying dermoplast is the best thing you can do for yourself after vaginal delivery. It just heaven down there.

Dermoplast and witch hazel can make your motherhood much more enjoyable when using them both, since they will provide pain relief and also will sooth your skin down there.

Please note, don’t ever use the red dermoplast spray after birth, it is never recommended, if pharmacies have only the dermoplast antibacterial spray on stock then you can always order the dermoplast pain relieving spray online.

Make sure to only buy dermoplast pain relieving spray from amazon, they are cheap and sometimes will deliver your order within the same day for free.

One thing I want you to take from this post is that, dermoplast is better than witch hazel, but make sure to only buy the blue dermoplast spray not the red one.

I would also advise you to buy tucks pads since they have witch hazel on them, you really don’t need to buy witch hazel.

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