Does postpartum depression go away


Hello Postpartum Period team my name is Isabella Thomas from United States, living in New York. I’ve been suffering from postpartum depression for six months and it been hard.

I think I know most of the things about postpartum depression, but it been 3 months and it seems like it not going to go away ever. 3 months is too long, so my question is: Does postpartum depression go away?

Or it just stays forever till your kids are much older. I have read books about it but I feel like it will never go away. Sometimes I feel okay but most of the time I’m just sad.

Does postpartum depression go away

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You may feel hopeless right now! But it will go away

Things may seem hopeless right now but postpartum depression does go away, and for most women it doesn’t even require professional help.

This will affect you for a period of time, eventually it will go away by itself and if it doesn’t then there are too many options out there that can help you overcome it sooner than you think.

Things you can try to make this go away

To all the mothers out there struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety, today I will tell you about my best top things to do that can help you make this depression go away.

The things I will mention in this article are the things I did myself which really helped me a lots last year.

I really hope that this article will help a lots of you, especially those who are still deciding whether to go with medication or not.

What really helped me last year was jogging and keeping myself busy.


When suffering from postpartum depression jogging regularly is good for your health and also will help fight sadness, anxiety and mood swings.

Jogging will improve your mental fitness, why? Because being in shape will give you some sense of self-esteem and self-confident and when your self-esteem is high your anxiety will be low.

Everybody know's that jogging is very helpful when trying to fight stress or depression.

How is that possible?

When jogging there will be a release of hormone chemicals that have a calming effect on a womens emotions.

And postpartum depression is caused by hormone changes most of the time.

Keeping yourself busy

To be honest with you in order to fight any type of depression, you need to find a way to keep yourself busy.

Depression can’t affect you if your mind is focusing on something else.

You need to be productive, shift your focus on something that really makes you happy.

It may be writing, reading, singing or cooking, everybody has a passion, what do you love?

If you want to open your own business then go on Google and search how to start my own business. There are a lots of videos that will explain things to do in order to start you own business.

When focusing on the stuff you love or passionate about, postpartum depression or anxiety will decrease simultaneously.

Being busy with something that you love will make you forget that you are even suffering from postpartum depression.

Ask you self this question

What do I love to do?

After that just go on Google and search how to make it better, you may search how to cook, how to writes and so many thing you may be interested in.

Or just go on YouTube and search how to take care of a new baby or something. Just find something to do.


The question was does postpartum depression go away, and the simple answer would be Yes it does. It just takes time.

Question was: Does postpartum depression go away. by Isabella Thomas from New York City, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about anything. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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