Dr butler's hemorrhoid cream reviews


Is there any person in this forum who have used Dr Butler’s hemorrhoid cream? I’m looking for honest reviews before buying this cream, I’m suffering from hemorrhoids and I need something to use that really works.

Chelsea : Mom of two

I’m a mom of two and I’ve suffered from hemorrhoids on both my pregnancies, I tried a lot of different hemorrhoids products and home remedies that didn’t work, the only thing that worked for me was dr Butler’s hemorrhoid cream that why I’m very positive that it will also work for you too.

There are a lot of hemorrhoids creams available on the market right now especially online but make sure to only buy dr Butler’s since it is the only thing that worked for me after trying dermoplast, aquaphor, solarcaine and also sitz bath……. You won’t have a single regret from buying dr Butler’s hemorrhoid cream just give it a chance and see what happens.

Butler’s hemorrhoid creamDr butler's hemorrhoid cream reviews


Kiana Bale

I have also used dr Butler’s hemorrhoid cream when I had hemorrhoids, I will list things that I benefited from using this cream

  1. It helped me enjoy going to the bathroom
  2. It provided pain relief immediately after applying it on my anal area and the relief lasted for hours
  3. It took the burning and the itch within seconds after applying it
  4. It didn’t sting like most hemorrhoids creams that I have used
  5. It was very easy to use and was also easy to wash off
  6. It didn’t have a bad smell like most hemorrhoids creams that I’ve tried
  7. It didn’t cost too much money, it was very affordable, even a homeless person can afford buying dr Butler’s hemorrhoid cream lol

Well jut give it a try, you won’t have a single regret from buying this cream, and you really don’t have anything to lose…

Sean Garret

I’m 15 years old, I really hope you will take my advice lol, Dr Butler’s hemorrhoid cream is the only thing I recommend to people suffering from hemorrhoids, but most people find it too expensive, if money is not a problem for you then you better buy it because it does work.

I struggled with hemorrhoid a lot when I was growing up and my mom spent a lot of money trying different creams and sprays that didn’t really provide me with what I desperately needed but god finally answered my prayers when my mom bought me Butler’s hemorrhoid cream.

Samantha Dean

yeah dr butler's hemorrhoid cream does work, it expensive though but it definitely worth every penny, if you want to get it for a much cheaper prize make sure to only it online, but I would recommend you to buy it from amazon since they are the cheapest online store at the moment and they deliver a lot faster than eBay and Walmart.

Here is the amazon link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009G6U1AS, my order was delivered on time, I’m telling you to buy it from amazon simple because you can always get back your money if this cream doesn’t work for you.

I'm the guy next door

I also bought Butler’s hemorrhoid cream after it was recommended to me by my doctor, well buying this cream was the best decision I’ve ever made for treating my hemorrhoids since it worked like magic, if it worked for me then it should also work for you too lol.

What are things that I didn’t like about this cream?

Well there is no such thing as a perfect product but for me dr butler’s was kind of perfect since it did everything that I needed from a hemorrhoids cream. If you want something that works then Butler’s hemorrhoid cream is the only thing you should buy my friend…

  1. This cream didn’t stick on my under wear
  2. It wasn’t too greasy and also wasn’t too creamy
  3. It didn’t smell like rotten meat like most hemorrhoids creams

I have told a lot of people to use this cream for hemorrhoids and I have never received a single complain, the only thing that people tell me after using this cream is that “it also worked for them too”.

Butler’s hemorrhoid creamDr butler's hemorrhoid cream reviews


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