Epsom salt bath for hemorrhoids during pregnancy


Should I try Epsom salt bath for hemorrhoids during pregnancy? Does is really work? A friend of mine told me to soak for 3 minutes using Epson salt, I need something that will shrink my hemorrhoids and get rid of the burring down there.. What do you guys think? Has anyone on this forum tried Epsom salt bath?

Epsom salt bath for hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Ava Lee

Based on my personal experience Epsom salt bath doesn’t work…

I also tried Epsom salt bath for hemorrhoids during my pregnancy but unfortunately it didn’t do me any good, I even tried soaking using sitz bath every morning for about 3 days none stop but still it didn’t work for me, the only thing that worked for me when I had hemorrhoids during my pregnancy was Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment, and I would recommend you to also give it a try since it is the only thing that worked after trying dermoplast, tucks and Epson salt bath without any luck.

What I mostly love about Anucure is that it was approved by the FDA to be also used by pregnant women and it can be used on both internal and external hemorrhoids.

Sofia Caples

During my pregnancy my doctor also told me to try Epsom salt bath and it was useless, Epson salt bath didn’t work for me, I tried it for a full week without getting any result, I honestly believe that Epson salt bath is a waste of time, the only thing that shrunk my hemorrhoids was Anucure.


Everywhere I go women are recommending Anucure for hemorrhoids, I guess it time for me to buy this treatment and see if it its works for me or not. But if it working for others I’m pretty sure it will work for me too lolz….

Evelyn Tedesco

I only advise women to use Anucure for hemorrhoids during pregnancy because it is the only solution that worked for me, you can get it from amazon, it is very cheap and it works…. I have used a lot of hemorrhoids creams and Anucure was way better than anything that I have ever used for hemorrhoids.

Here is the link to amazon http://amzn.to/2pJFJ2I , make sure to read customer reviews just to hear what other women are saying who have also used this treatment on hemorrhoids.

Grace Martines

I just followed your link and checked the amazon customer reviews, I’m only going to buy Anucure just because of the reviews since a lot of women who have used it are recommending it as well, thanks for sharing.

Evelyn Tedesco

Pleasure..... (-_0)

Willow Willow

Yes Epsom salt bath does shrink hemorrhoids, but it doesn't work for everyone, it has worked for 3 of my siblings but when I tried it, it didn't work for me, you can also give it a short and see if it also works for you, Epsom salt bath has also worked on two of my best friends...

Khloe Brown

Epsom salt bath also didn’t work for me but it worked on my mom, I guess you are right, it doesn’t work for everyone, what worked for me was dr butler's hemorrhoid cream reviews, but I don’t think it can be used during pregnancy, what did you use that worked for you????

Willow Willow

I used anucure since it can be also used during pregnancy and it worked like magic.

Natasha Pilay

I have two kids and Epsom salt bath did shrunk my hemorrhoids on both my pregnancies, you should also give it a try, make sure to also buy tucks medicated cooling pads, please note: you should soak yourself at least for 5 minutes every morning to get the best result, good luck.

Reagan Ibramimovic

During my pregnancy my hemorrhoids were pretty bad, I tried almost everything, Epson salt bath did help me a lot but I still didn’t get the relief I desperately needed, you need to try a hemorrhoids treatment if you want to get rid of your hemorrhoids quicker, the only treatment I recommend women to use during pregnancy is anucure.

Benefit of using anucure

  1. It will shrink your hemorrhoids guaranteed
  2. It will provide you with immediate pain relief
  3. It will get rid of the itching and the burring
  4. It is very easy to use
  5. It can be used on both external and internal hemorrhoids
  6. Best for pregnant women
  7. The relief it provides will last you for hours
  8. It doesn’t sting

Epsom salt bath will definitely help you out but if you want to speed things up using anucure is your best option.

Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment

Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment

Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment

Question was: can i use epsom salt bath for hemorrhoids during pregnancy. by Sophia from Renton, Please feel free to also ask us anything you would like to know about hemorrhoids during pregnancy. We have a huge team of people who are willing to answer your questions for free.

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