Garlic for hemorrhoids during pregnancy


Can I use garlic for hemorrhoids during pregnancy? I’m 3 months pregnant and am suffering from really painful hemorrhoids, I just can’t take this pain anymore, will using garlic shrink my hemorrhoids?

Garlic for hemorrhoids during pregnancy


I also tried garlic for a full week in hoping to shrink my hemorrhoids but it didn’t work, so don’t waste your time on garlic because you are going to be very disappointed, just get yourself a hemorrhoids product.


What did you use when you had hemorrhoids that worked for you?


What worked for me was Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment, you can get it from amazon, I don’t know of any pharmacies that are selling Anucure, don’t buy it from eBay and also don’t buy it from Walmart, buy it from amazon because they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster.

Estelle Kramer

Garlic have a lot of benefit but it will never shrink your hemorrhoids or prevent them. When I had hemorrhoids during my pregnancy I also tried garlic and aquaphor but both didn’t help me at all, getting rid of hemorrhoids pains require a product that was specially made for hemorrhoids.

I’m going to recommend you to try a hemorrhoid treatment called Anucure since it is the only thing that shrunk my hemorrhoids during my pregnancy, Anucure provided me with pain relief that lasted me for hours and it took the burning away within seconds. Whatever you don don’t waste your time on garlic.

Bridgette S

I hate the smell of garlic, I can’t stand the smell of it and I have never tried it for hemorrhoids, I’m only going to tell you about what worked for me, after using aquaphor, dermoplast and tucks medicated cooling pads without any luck, I finally found Anucure and it was a life saver.

You can click here to read customer reviews from amazon and hear what other women are saying who have also used Anucure for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, you will be blown away by the reviews since about 94% percent of women are also recommending it… this is the only thing that worked for me and I can’t recommend anything else.

Ella Vance

Thanks for sharing, I’m 4 months pregnant and hemorrhoids are killing me, I was searching for something to use that actually works since there are a lot of crappy hemorrhoids products out there, I’m going to give Anucure a try as you recommended since it also worked for you too.

I have tried about 3 different hemorrhoids creams that I found on amazon but nothing seemed to worked for me, I’m very positive that this Anucure will work lol, this is my first time suffering from hemorrhoids, wow I didn’t know they were so painful, I’ll update you and tell you if this worked or not.

Amanda Jacobs

Some people on yahoo claimed that eating garlic cured their hemorrhoids, so I tried eating garlic too hoping it could cure my hemorrhoids too, after eating garlic for almost 2 months without no luck I stopped….

I almost gave up on finding any relief for the horrible hemorrhoids, till I discovered this Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment since it is the only thing that shrunk my hemorrhoids during my pregnancy, Anucure, after using Anucure I immediately felt huge relief, this treatment got rid of the pains within minutes after using it.

I would recommend you to also give Anucure a try, when I had hemorrhoids during my pregnancy I tried everything including ice packs, Epson salt bath and garlic, if I’m not mistaken tried at least 7 home remedies and nothing worked until I used anucure.

Aubrey Jenner

I also tried drinking a grind raw garlic clove and mixed it with juice and sometimes I mixed it with honey but it never shrunk my hemorrhoids, just avoid using garlic because it doesn’t work, I tried almost everything I found online that promised to get rid of my hemorrhoids but all were bullshit…

This may sound too good to be true but what worked for me within a day was Anucure since it stopped the burning and the itching, Anucure has the fastest relief when it comes to hemorrhoids, just go to amazon and check it out , here is the link

Kimberly Philips

There are over 100 hemorrhoids home remedies on the internet and all of them doesn’t work including eating garlic, I was pissed off after eating garlic for 5 days because it didn’t work at all for me… some people say garlic does work to shrink hemorrhoids, well based on my personal experience it doesn’t work…. you can always give it a try and see what happens, what worked for me was Dr butler's hemorrhoid cream but I don’t think it can be used during pregnancy.

Most women recommend using Anucure during pregnancy, I have never used Anucure before but since you are pregnant you should give it a try since most pregnant women say it does work.

Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment

Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment

Anucure Hemorrhoids Treatment

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